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Title: 《貓與狗》—以網路媒介作品探索數位敘事中的選擇與命運
“Cat and Dog”: The Creation and Study of Web-based Interactive Storytelling
Authors: 呂沛軒
Lu, Pei-Hsuan
Contributors: 林玲遠

Lu, Pei-Hsuan
Keywords: 互動敘事
Interactive storytelling
Web-based media
Animated sticker
Date: 2017
Issue Date: 2017-10-02 10:21:35 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 我們的生活中充滿著選擇,尤其在數位科技與網路媒介的影響下,目前更是選擇超載的時代。利用網路進行互動時,當選擇越是超載,我們越是活在麻痺之中。因此,本創作的主旨在於突顯選擇之重要性,意圖喚起「選擇意識」。本創作之形式與內容皆來自對網路媒介特性之觀察,包括網路超連結的結構方式、即時通訊之動圖運用,以及網路圖像之可愛動物偏好,主題則基於最能反映選擇之重要性的人際關係議題,以此進行故事創作。
Life has many options, as digital technology and network media rapidly booming, we are living in a world full of choice-making. We usually use Internet to interact with others, but we rarely notice which choice we make. Therefore, this creation and study aims to emphasize the importance of choice-making, and attempts to enhance people’s awareness of that. The form and content of this creation and study are made from observing the features of Internet, including hyperlinks in Internet, animated stickers in instant messaging and adorable images of animal in websites. Based on the importance of choice-making, the theme of this creation and study is interpersonal relationships, and named “Cat and Dog”.
There are two parts of “Cat and Dog”. In the first part, the players experience the story with the website which imitates the interface of instant messaging and blogging site, they will see the animated stickers and have to choose the options between two conversations. In the second part, after completing the interactive narrative of the part, the players will get a PDF file containing several pages of comics which records all the choices made by the players. The immobile, static, fixed pages highlight that destiny is decided by our choices. In addition, through the contrast between comics and animated stickers, the players may have fun in observing the similarity and difference between the two media.
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Data Type: thesis
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