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Title: 虛實之間-擴增實境的美學初探
The Aesthetics of Augmented Reality: finding a dynamic relationship between the virtual and the real
Authors: 黃新
Huang, Hsing
Contributors: 林玲遠

Lin, Ling-Yuan
Li, Tsai-Yen

Huang, Hsing
Keywords: 擴增實境
augmented reality
new media
practice-led research
Date: 2019
Issue Date: 2019-09-05 17:26:12 (UTC+8)
Abstract: AR(Augmented Reality,擴增實境)已經發展了一段時間,隨著資訊技術的進步,與手機運算效能的提升,AR的應用也越來越普及。是時候檢視AR的美學層面了。



After decades of development, Augmented Reality (AR) technologies have begun to grow into maturity in recent years. It is time to reflect on its aesthetical dimension. We know that AR is about the relationship between the virtual and the real. Since AR-based applications render a virtual layer on top of reality, people tend to consider it as an ‘enhancement’ – enhancement or augmentation of reality – which would imply a unidirectional, fixed relationship. By re-examining the relationship between the virtual and the real, this paper aims to suggest an aesthetical framework specific to AR media. Except from case study, the researcher’s own practical experience as an AR artist is also reflected. The relationship between the virtual and the real is explored from three aspects: spacial, temporal, and conceptual. A more relational and dynamic understanding of the relationship is delineated and concluded as the concept of ‘alternativity’. This discussion would provide new insights into AR-based applications, and let us see the technology from new perspectives.
Reference: 林玲遠、林品婕(預定發表)。行動研究於傳播內容設計實務之應用。廣播與電視,40,1-32。



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