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Title: 可信賴的去中心化P2P匿名借貸平台設計與實作
Design and implementation of trusted anonymous decentralized P2P Lending platform
Authors: 周星同
Chou, Hsing-Tung
Contributors: 蔡子傑
Tsai, Tzu-Chieh
Chou, Hsing-Tung
Keywords: 金融科技
P2P Lending
P2P Network
Date: 2019
Issue Date: 2019-09-05 17:32:45 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 金融科技是近幾年金融業與相關新創公司的熱門議題。研究如何利用科技與金融服務來創新,一直是他們想要突破的挑戰。而去中心化P2P 網路平台可以降低伺服器維護成本,密碼學技術可提供安全性。因此我們打算整合前述的技術開發新的金融服務,以P2P 借貸為目標,來進行創新。
在本論文中,我們提出以P2P DHT 網路技術Kademlia 演算法整合密碼學,設計與實作出一個去中心化、高安全性又能有效匿名的P2P 借貸平台,而必要時銀行是參與平台的服務角色之一。平台讓借貸雙方之間以匿名方式互動,而銀行主要協助用戶匯款金流,並同時保密借貸資訊,以備不時之需。另外為了避免現行中心化P2P 借貸平台機制之集中風險,我們透過P2P 網路讓用戶以去中心化方式直接辦理借貸,並於借貸匯款完成後將借貸合約上傳至平台,事後隨時能查詢合約。至於合約的安全性問題,則透過階層性地加解密與簽章方式來達到機密性、完整性、可用性、驗證性及不可否認性。
In recent years, FinTech is a hot topic in the financial industry and related startups. Researching how to use technology to innovate financial services has always been the challenge they want to break through. Decentralized P2P network platforms can reduce server maintenance costs, and cryptography can provide security. Therefore, we intend to integrate the aforementioned technologies to innovate in P2P lending as the goal.
In this thesis, we propose to integrate the P2P DHT network technology Kademlia algorithm with cryptography to design and implement a decentralized, highly secure and effectively anonymous P2P lending platform. If necessary, the bank is one of the service roles who are participating in the platform. The platform allows anonymous interaction between the borrower and the lender. Banks mainly assist users in remittance cash flow, while keeping lending information secret in case of need. In order to avoid the concentration risk of the current centralized P2P lending platform mechanism, we allow users to directly borrow and lend through the P2P network, and upload the lending contract to the platform after the loan remittance is completed. The contract can be inquired at any time afterwards. As for the security of the contract, Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Authenticity and Non-repudiation are achieved through hierarchically encrypting, decrypting and digital signature.
Through implementation and simulation, we have proved that our platform is simple, fast, safe and undeniable. Any bank can be the cash flow node in the platform so that the platform can be realized with the anonymous mechanism for lending information and the real name mechanism for lending remittance cash flow of the borrower and the lender. We believe that our platform design is worthy of reference as a future research for FinTech.
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Data Type: thesis
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