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Title: 基於區塊鏈的工廠軟體自動更新監控修復系統
A Blockchain-Based Software Always-On System
Authors: 陳映孜
Chen, Ying Tzu
Contributors: 張宏慶
Chen, Ying Tzu
Keywords: 區塊鏈
Software update
Byzantine Agreement
Software monitor
Date: 2020
Issue Date: 2021-03-02 14:56:34 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 在現今將進入工業4.0甚或是5.0的時代,工業物聯網是當中一個不可或缺的角色。工業物聯網設備可以幫助工廠偵測各種生產的狀況,從而達到增加生產效率的目標。而雖然工業物聯網設備能幫助工廠,受限於它的功能與資源,要在這些設備上落實高强度安全性計劃變成了一個棘手的挑戰。也因此,在談論工業物聯網時,其中一個大議題即是,如何將一個可通用於各工廠之間,又安全又具可擴充性的系統放置於工業物聯網的設備上。在此篇研究中,我們爲了這個議題,提出了一個基於區塊鏈的系統架構,以求達到幫助工業物聯網設備能自動更新軟體,同時也能自動偵測軟體變異後自動修復。爲求避免軟體受到未授權的篡改,首先我們提出將軟體狀態以快照的方式儲存為區塊鏈賬本,而同時爲了追蹤自動更新與自動修復的過程,我們也提出了利用此帳本模擬區塊鏈合約的方法。在本篇的實驗結果中顯示,我們所提出的系統架構也可運用在更大規模的工業物聯網裝置上,而我們的更新與修復系統也可被保證是通過認證的,以及任何未受認可的軟體修改攻擊也可被我們的監控系統偵測到。
Moving towards Industry 5.0, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) becomes an indispensable role. IIoT devices could help manufacturing companies to observe various production statuses hence improving production efficiency. However, IIoT's limitation on resources and features makes the robust security implementation a big challenge. To implement a secure, general and scalable system to adopt across industries is one of the most critical topics for IIoT. This paper proposes a blockchain-based system architecture to auto-update, auto monitor, and auto fix the IIoT devices' software. To protect the software's integrity and protect the software from unauthorized modification, we take the software status snapshots and store them as a blockchain ledger. To achieve auto-update and auto fix, we also simulate the concept of blockchain contract in our proposal, to create the ledger whenever there are changes in a result, the changes could always be tracked. The performance and scalability are also evaluated. The result shows that the system could also be deployed in larger-scale IIoT devices. The software update and fix could be guaranteed as authenticated, and the unauthorized software could be monitored and detected.
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