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2018-03 Exploring Genre Pedagogy of Learning Transfer in L2 Writing 劉怡君; Liu, Yichun
2019-05 Exploring the Role of Language Teacher Agency in Different Teaching Contexts: A Case Study on a High School English Teacher 林子馨
2002 Expressions of Disagreement in Cross-Cultural Frist Encounters 葉潔宇
1991-03-01 An Extended Topic Chain: A Paragraph Development Madel for Chinese Learners of English 莫建清
2006 Extending an international lexical framework for Asian languages, the case of Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Bangla and Malay 鍾曉芳
2008 Extracting Concrete Senses of Lexicon through Measurement of Conceptual Similarity in Ontologies 鍾曉芳
2020-09 Ezra Pound as a Touchstone of the Tang Poetry 吳敏華; Wu, Min-Hua
2017-05 The Fall of Lucifer: A Jungian Perspective from Biblical Source to Medieval Mystery Drama (The Alchemical Transformative Process and Inter-Textual Reading) 羅狼仁
2007-07 The family of Hakka idiomatic gin2 X gin2 Y constructions: Paratactic constructions with subordinate meanings 賴惠玲; 強舒媺
2006-09 A family of NP1 V NP2 m5 constructions in Hakka 強舒媺; 賴惠玲
1999-06 Famine and the Eclipse of the Goddess 何艾克
2013-11 Fashioning the Cosmopolitan Girl: Sartorial Display and Technologies of Femininity in the Chinese Bestseller Du Lala 陳音頤
2020-07 Faulkner’s Human Hive: Complex Systems in The Hamlet 柯瑞強; Corrigan, John Michael
2008-11 The Flâneur, the City and Virtual Public Life in T.S. Eliot’s Works 楊麗敏
2016-12 Forgiveness in Jane Eyre 吳易道; WU, Yih-Dau
1993-06 Form and Function: Language-learning Strategy of A Second Born 江敏之
2013-06 Fortune and the cursed: the sliding scale of time in Mongolian divination Chang, Chung-fu; 張中復
2016-06 Fostering Students’ Intercultural Competence in an EFL Classroom: A Case Study of Students’ Perceptions on Digital Storytelling 許麗媛; Hsu, Li-Yuan
1998-09 The Founding Moment: The Formation of Nation and the Spectrality of Empire in "Henry V" 伍軒宏; Wu, Shuan-hung
2017-06 Freedom or Constraint: The Speeding Bicycle and the Industrial Subject in H. G. Wells’s The Wheels of Chance 陳音頤; Chen, Eva Yin-i
1991 From Carnival to Transgression: A Reading of Kurt Vonnegut''s Three Major Novels 劉建基; Liu, Kenneth
2014 From Incapable "Angel in the House" to Invincible "New Woman" in Marlovian Narratives: Representing Womanhood in "Heart of Darkness" and Chance Kao, Pei-Wen Clio; 高珮文
2004 From Lexical Semantics to Conceptual Metaphors: Mapping Principle Verification with WordNet and SUMO 鍾曉芳
1999-01 From verb to verbal complement: Evidence from the verb DO in Hakka 賴惠玲
1993 The Function of English Connectives and Its Teaching Application: A Discourse Approach 尤雪瑛

Showing items 276-300 of 1969. (79 Page(s) Totally)
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