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1997 20世紀伊斯蘭(回教)原教主義改革運動之研究 林長寬
2019-08 Abū al-Faraj ʿAlī b. al-Ḥusayn al-Iṣfahānī, the Author of the Kitāb al-Aghānī 蘇怡文; Su, I-Wen
2018-01 Al-Iṣfahānī’s Fandom in the Kitāb al-Aġānī (The Book of Songs): An Analysis of the Biography of Ibn Surayǧ 蘇怡文; Su, I-Wen
2018-11 al-Ṭibb al-Nabawī in the Formative Period: An Analysis of Two Early Examples of Texts on Prophetic Medicine by ʿAbd al-Malik b. Ḥabīb (790-853) and Ibn al-Sunnī (893-974) 蘇怡文
2018 Arabic root extraction using a hybrid technique. Abdeldeen, Mahmoud; 馬穆德
1994 Arabic Teaching in Taiwan 林長寬
2016-10 The Business Class Syrian Refugees: the Possible Crisis Alleviators? 張景安; Chang, Ching-An
2018-05 Business Not as Usual: The Rebellion of Syrian Businessmen through the Revolution 張景安; Chang, Yazar Ching-An
2019-02 The Challenges of Arabic Language Acquisition to the Non-Native Speakers in National Chengchi University, Taiwan: From the Perspective of the Current Students 馬穆德; Abdeldeen, Mahmoud
2018-09 Commanding Right and Forbidding Wrong? Al-Ṭabarī’s Representation of al-Walīd b. ʿUqba as Criticism of the Ḥanbalīs 蘇怡文; Su, I-Wen
2019-05 Dialectal Features in Old Arabic Proverbs Morphology as a model 馬穆德; Abdeldeen, Mahmoud
2000-05 The difference of Arabic vowels' influence paper presented in the conference in Arabic 鄭慧慈
2000-05 The difference of Arabic vowels' influence paper presented in the conference in Arabic 鄭慧慈
2018-10 A different way of perceiving refugees: the economic elite class among Turkey-based Syrians 張景安; Chang, Ching-An
2015-07 The division and cooperation of the Syrian business community in Turkey: an investigation of the political and economic behaviours of the Syrian business migrants 張景安; Chang, Ching-An
2017-06 The Duality of Quotation and Representation in the Book of Sībawayh 馬穆德; Abdeldeen, Mahmoud Talab
2019-02 The Early Shīʿī Kūfan Traditionists’ Views on the Rightly Guided Caliphs (al-khulafāʾ al-rāshidūn) 蘇怡文; Su, I-Wen
2016-11 The economic elites of Syrian refugees: a neglected group of crisis alleviator 張景安; Chang, Ching-An
2018-06 The Expatriate Syrian Businessmen in Anti-Assad Political Organizations 張景安; Chang, Ching-An
2018-02 The Family History of Abū al-Faraj al-Iṣfahānī: the Ninth-Century ʿAbbāsid Political Elite and the Ṭālibids in Sāmarrā 蘇怡文; Su, I-Wen
2018-07 'Forced displacement from Syria and Syrian migration rationales, 張景安; Chang, Ching-An
2019-03 The Future of the Syrian Refugees in Turkey: Challenges and Opportunities 張景安; Chang, Ching-An
2019-02 Helping the brothers while suffering: the philanthropic activities of the expatriate Syrian business community 張景安; Chang, Ching-An
2002 Iltiqaa’al-Saakinain fi al-Lisaan al-Arabi Tafsiiru-hu Qadiiman wa Hadiithan wa Naqdu-hu. 鄭慧慈
2017-12 The Impact of New Media on the Transmission of Religion: The Case of Egypt 王經仁; Pujol, Merce

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