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2011 100年度哲學學門赴德國考察計畫-「東西跨文化研究」跨領域學術交流及前瞻議題之合作規劃 林鎮國
2003 1962年中西文化論戰重探─從哲學觀點的評析 何信全
2018-09 A Mechanism for Spatial Perception on Human Skin 鄭會穎; Cheng, Tony; Fardo, Francesca; Beck, Brianna; Haggard, Patrick *
1970-12 A.E.I.O的直接推理研究 丁崇貞
2018-06 【Academic Review】 林遠澤
2019-01 The Advantages and Disadvantages of Intercultural Thinking in a Global Age 馬愷之; Marchal, Kai
1997 Affectivity as a Mode of Existence-In Memory of Chales Fu 沈清松
2018-10 Agency, Culture, Modernity: Towards a New Understanding of Confucian Practical Reasoning 馬愷之; Marchal, Kai
2017 The Alchemy of Photography: Hybridity, Nature, and "Grotesque Realism" in Jerry Uelsmann's Photomontages 趙順良; Chao, Shun-liang
2015-07 Ambiguity, Wholeness, and Irony: A New Interpretation of Chinese Metaphysics 馬愷之; Marchal, Kai
2008-03 Antionio Cua. Conceptual Analysus of Confucian Ethics 沈清松; Shen, Vincent
2003-12 Appropriating the other and transforming consciousness into wisdom: Some philosophical reflections on Chinese Buddhism 沈清松; Shen, Vincent
2005-08 Art as a Way of the Recovery from Techne to Ethos - – Phenomenological Approach to Indigenous Mental Healing in Taiwan 汪文聖
2016-08 Beschreiben und Erinnern. Über Iris Murdochs Anverwandlung einiger Wittgensteinischer Motive 馬愷之; Marchal, Kai
2004-05 Beyond Identity and Alterity? From Heidegger's Viewpoint 汪文聖
2008 BOOK REVIEW: Lee, Minghuei , Political Thought in the Confucian Perspective LEE, Yenyi; 李彥儀
2007 BOOK REVIEW: Lin, Anwu, Misplaced Dao: The Essential Problem of Chinese Political Thought Lee, Yenyi; 李彥儀
2015 Buddhist Epistemology in Sixth-Century China 林鎮國
1999-11 Building a Pure Land on Earth:Master Yin-shun and Buddhism in Taiwan 林鎮國
2017-02 Carl Schmitt and Leo Strauss in the Chinese-speaking world : reorienting the political 馬愷之; Marchal, Kai; 蕭高彥
2016-11 Chinese Perspectives on Free Will 馬愷之; Marchal, Kai; Wenzel, Christian
2001-08 A Comparative Study between the Chinese world-wisdom and the European Philosophy still conceals in the Labyrinth 彭文林
2010-07 Conceptualism, objectivity and false experience 林從一
1994-11 Confucianism, Taoism and Constructive Realism 沈清松; Shen,Vincent
1986-08 Confucianism,Science and Technology--A Philosophical Evaluation 沈清松

Showing items 1-25 of 1786. (72 Page(s) Totally)
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