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2007-05 1992-2005資訊計量學研究及其發展演變 蔡明月; 劉瓊芳; Tsay,Ming-Yueh; Liou,Chiung-Fang
2013-12 1992-2010資訊計量學研究及其發展演變 蔡明月; 劉瓊芳
2018-12 1993 -2018海峽兩岸圖書資訊學術合作 王梅玲; Wang, Mei-Ling; 張譯文; Yi-Wen Chang
2018 1998-2017年圖書資訊學遠距教育研究及發展演變 徐柔瑾; Hsu, Jou-Chin
2019-04 1998-2017年圖書館情報學遠端教育研究及發展演變 王梅玲; Wang, Mei-Ling; 徐柔瑾
2019-11 1998-2017年圖書館情報學遠距教育研究及發展演變 王梅玲; Wang, Mei-Ling; 徐柔瑾; Hsu, Jou-Chin
1999-08 1998年美國圖書館學會年會國際關係圓桌會議:專題報導 胡歐蘭
2000-04 1998年造訪圖書資訊學-對學門的看法 楊美華
2009 1999-2009年我國圖書資訊學碩士論文調查研究 徐欣儀; Hsu, Hsin-I
2003 21世紀圖書館的新面貌 薛理桂
2009-10 21世紀資訊素養課程規劃與評鑑 楊美華; Yang, Mei-Hwa
2019-04 A Chinese Ancient Book Digital Humanities Research Platform to Support Digital Humanities Research 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming
2019-07 A Collaborative Reading Annotation System with Formative Assessment and Feedback Mechanisms to Promote Digital Reading Performance 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming; Chen, Liang-Chun; Horng, Wei-Jiun
2018-01 A Machine Learning Texture Model for Classifying Lung Cancer Subtypes Using Preliminary Bronchoscopic Findings 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming; Feng, Po-Hao; Lin, Yin-Tzu
2019 A visual interactive reading system based on eye tracking technology to improve digital reading performance 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming; Wang, Jung-Ying; Lin, Yu-Chieh
2019-09 A Web-based Collaborative Reading Annotation System with Gamification Mechanisms to Improve Reading Performance 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming; Li, Ming-Chaun; Chen, Tze-Chun
1998-01 Academic Library Technical Service in the Networked Environment 胡歐蘭
2009-03 Action Research into E-learning Curriculum Development for Library and Information Science in Taiwan 王梅玲
2017-04 The adaptive computer-aided diagnosis system based on tumor sizes for the classification of breast tumors detected at screening ultrasound 羅崇銘; Lo*, Chung-Ming; Moon, Woo Kyung; Chen, I-Ling; Chang, Jung Min; Shin, Sung Ui; Chang*, Ruey-Feng
2019-08 An Effective Method for Incentivizing Groups Implemented in a Collaborative Problem-based Learning System to Enhance Positive Peer Interaction and Learning Performance 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming; Wang, Jung-Ying; Zhao, Rong-Hua
2019-03 An Optimized Group Formation Scheme to Promote Collaborative Problem-based Learning 陳志銘; Chen, Chih-Ming; Kuo, Chi-Hsiung
2008-03 Analyse et Comparaison des Donnees de Citations pour les Periodiques des Domaines de l'Education, de la Bibliotheconomie et des Sciences de l'Information et de la Gestion Tsay, Ming-yueh; 蔡明月
2007-01 An Analysis and Comparison of Citation Data between Journals of Physics, Chemistry and Engineering 蔡明月
2008-10 An Analysis and Comparison of Scientometric Data between Journals of Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Tsay, Ming-Yueh; 蔡明月
2006-12 The analysis and study of the development strategies of electronic records in Taiwan Hsueh, Li Kuei; Lin, Chiao-Min; 薛理桂; 林巧敏

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