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2006-07 The Personal Vote-Seeking and the Initiation of Particularistic Benefits Bills in the Taiwanese Legislature 盛杏湲
2013-03 Policy Stalemate and Weak Legislative Ability of the DPJ 林超琦
2017-12 Political Accountability and Voting Behavior: A Case Study of Gas Blast of Kaohsiung City in 2014 游清鑫; Yu, Ching-hsin; 蔡宗漢; Tsai, Tsung-han; 林長志; Lin, Chang-chih
1998-06 A Political Analysis of Taiwan's Economic Dependence on Mainland China 冷則剛
1998-08 A Political Analysis of Taiwan's Economic Dependence on Mainland China 冷則剛; Leng, Tse-Kang
1997-06 Political Conceptualization,Information and Participation 盛杏湲
2011-09 Political Consequences of the MMM Electoral Systems
in Taiwan and Japan
Huang, Chi; 黃紀
1994-04 Political Consequences of the Single Non-Transferable Vote System: The cases of Japan and Taiwan 黃德福
2011-11 Political Cycle of Voters' Understanding of the New Electoral System: the Case of Taiwan 黃紀; 游清鑫; Huang, Chi
2001 Political Development in the 20th Century Taiwan: State-Building, Regime Transformation and the Construction of National Identity 林繼文; Lin, Jih-wen
2005-04 The Political Economy of Cross-Strait High-tech Relations 冷則剛
2006-02 The Political Economy of Cross-Straits IT Links 冷則剛
2011-12 The Political Economy of Electricity Reform in South Korea: Trends, Dilemmas, and Issues Tsai, Chung-Min; 蔡中民
1992 The Political Economy of Global Conflict Hoole Francis W.; 黃紀; Huang, Chi
2001-07 The Political Economy of Local Banking in Taiwan 何思因; 李紀珠
1995 The Political Economy of Taiwan's Investment in China 郭承天; Cheng-Tian Kuo
2020-04 The political economy of Taiwan’s regional relations 陳永福; Tan, Alexander C.; Ho, Karl; Clark, Cal
2001-02 Political et rhetorique dans les realtions Chine-Taiwan 何思因
2019-12 Political Finance Regimes and Party System Size: Evidence from New and Established European Democracies 蘇彥斌; Su, Yen-Pin; Rashkova, Ekaterina R.
1992-09 Political Generations in Taiwan 劉義周
2019-01 Political Polarization in Taiwan and the United States: A Research Puzzle 陳永福; Tan, Alexander C.; Clark, Cal; Ho, Karl
1980-05 Political Support and Voting Participation of Taiwan College Students 劉義周
2017-11 Politicized to Mobilize? A Longitudinal Study of First-Time Voters’ Voting Intentions in Taiwan, 2004-2016 陳永福;  Tan, Alexander C. ; Clark, Cal ; Ho, Karl 
2008-05 Politics and Business under the DPP:Restructuring State-Business Institutional Relations in Taiwan 郭承天
2004 Politics and Judiciary Verdicts on Vote-buying Litigation in Taiwan. Wu, Chung-li; 黃紀; Huang, Chi

顯示項目301-325 / 2654. (共107頁)
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