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2006-04 The Politics of China Studies in Taiwan through the Lens of Cross-Strait Relations 冷則剛
1992 The Politics of Japan's Rice Trade 郭承天; Takuya Yanagisawa; Cheng-Tian Kuo
2006-04 The Politics of Reform in Japan and Taiwan 林繼文
2018-06 Post-Socialist Participatory Resource Conservation and Solidarity Resilience: A Case Study of Watershed Management in Lashihai, Mainland China 邵建民; Shaw, Johnny;  湯京平; Tang, Ching-Ping;  桑達卓瑪
2018-05 Powerful or Limited Presidency? Partisan Impact on Public Opinion toward Presidential Power in Taiwan 蔡宗漢; Tsai, Tsung-han; 游清鑫; Yu, Ching-Hsin; Wang, Hung-chung
2009 Powering Rent-seeking in the Electricity Industry 蔡中民; Tsai, Chung-min
1992 The PRC and Taiwan: Fujian's Faltering United Front 郭承天; Cheng-Tian Kuo
2015 The PRC as a player in Taiwan's domestic politics: A two-level game analysis 林繼文; Lin, Jihwen
2018-05 The Prediction of Student’s Academic Performance Through Data Mining--- A Case from Online Learning Management System 葉晏瑜; Yeh, Yen-Yu
2014-03 Presidential Coattails in Taiwan: An Analysis of Voter- and Candidate-Specific Data Huang, Chi; Wang, T.Y.; 黃紀
1995 Presidential Vetoes: An Event Count Model Shields Todd G.; 黃紀; Huang, Chi
1998-11 Presidential Voting of 1996 in Taiwan: An Analysis 陳陸輝; Chen, Lu-huei
1994 Privatization Within the Chinese State 郭承天; Cheng-Tian Kuo
2013-12 Pseudo Dichotomy: Hobbism and Kantianism in Political Philosophy 周家瑜; Chou, Chiayu
2003-04 Public Attitude on Corruption in Taiwan Ching-hsin Yu; I-chou Liu
2003-04 Public Attitude on Corruption in Taiwan 劉義周
1996-02 Public Attitudes on the Unification Issue and Presidential Preference in Taiwan 劉義周
2005 Public attitudes to corruption in Taiwan Ching-hsin Yu; I-chou Liu; Liu, I-chou
2012-06 Public Awareness of Inequality and Redistribution: the Case of Japan and Taiwan 林超琦
2012-05 Public Nomination and Direct Election in China Tsai, Wen-hsuan; Kao, Peng-hsiang; 蔡文軒
2014 Public Participation and Environmental Impact Assessment 湯京平; Tang, Ching-Ping; Lo, Carlos Wing-Hung; Tang, Shui-Yan
2005 Public Participation and Environmental Impact Assessment in Mainland China and Taiwan: Political Foundations of Environmental Management Shui-Yan Tang; 湯京平; Carlos Wing-Hung Lo; Tang, Ching-Ping
1995 A Public-Choice Theory of Cooperation in East and Southeast Asia 郭承天
2016-10 Ready for a Female President in Taiwan? 楊婉瑩; Yang, Wan Ying; Lee, Kuan Chen
1969-12 A Reconsideration of the Systems Theory for the Study of Political Development and Social Change 江炳倫

顯示項目326-350 / 2654. (共107頁)
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