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1991-09 Reexamining the influence of Ethnicity of Taiwanese Voter Liu,I-Chou
1991-09 Reexamining the influence of Ethnicity of Taiwanese Voter 劉義周
1995 Referendum and Democracy: A Bumpy Runway for Taiwan’s Aircraft Industry. 黃紀; Huang, Chi
2008-04 Referendum and Democracy: The Experience of Taiwan 黃紀; Huang, Chi
2005-09 Referendum and Mobilization in Taiwan Huang, Chi; 黃紀
2015 Refining the Theory of Partisan Alignments: Evidence from Latin America 蘇彥斌; Miguel Carreras; Scott Morgenstern; Su, Yen-Pin
2011-05 The reform paradox and regulatory dilemma in China's electricity industry Tsai, Chung-Min; 蔡中民
2014-06 Regulating China's Power Sector: Creating an Independent Regulator without Autonomy Tsai, Chung-min
1996 Relations Between Economic Development and Democratization in Taiwan 郭承天
2008 Religion and democracy in Taiwan 郭承天; Kuo, Cheng-tian
2008-05 Religion and Democracy in Taiwan 郭承天; Cheng-Tian Kuo
2004-09 Religion and Democracy in Taiwan: A Statistical Analysis 郭承天
2017-07 Religion and Nationalism in Chinese Societies 郭承天; Kuo*, Cheng-tian
2005-08 Religious Factors in Taiwanese Democracy 郭承天; Ping-yin Kuan
2011-12 Religious Participation in Taiwanese Democracy 郭承天; Cheng-Tian Kuo
2014-06 Resource allocation and the performance of Taiwan's democratic progressive party in mixed-member majoritarian elections Lin, Jih-Wen; 林繼文
2016-06 Restructuring State-Business Institutional Relations in Taiwan 郭承天; Wang, James W.Y.; Chen, Shang-mao; Kuo, Cheng-tian
2016-08 Rethinking Hobbes and Kant: The Role and Consequences of Assumption in Political Theory. 周家瑜; Chou, Chia-Yu
1998-12 Retrospective and prospective voting in a one-party-dominant democracy: Taiwan's 1996 presidential election Hsieh, John Fuh-sheng; Lacy, Dean; Niou, Emerson M.S.; 謝復生
2007-10 Retrospective Votng in Taiwan: The Case of a By-election in 1997 劉義周
1995 A review of In the Shadow of China: Political Development in Taiwan since 1949 edited by Steve Tsang (Honolulu Hawaii: University of Hawaii Press) 黃紀; Huang, Chi
1990-11 A review of Taiwan's Development: Implications for Contending Political Economy Paradigms by Cal Clark (New York: Greenwood Press, 1989) 黃紀; Huang, Chi
1990 Ridge Regression Analysis of the Defense-Growth Tradeoff in the United States 黃紀; Mintz Alex; Huang, Chi
2013-08 The Rise of Youth League Affiliates and Their Paths to the Top Kou,Chien-Wen; 寇健文
1995 Rivalry between the ROC and the PRC: An Expected-Utility Theoretical Perspective 黃紀; Kim Woosang; Wu Samuel; Huang, Chi

Showing items 351-375 of 2654. (107 Page(s) Totally)
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