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2021-06 A whole-of-nation approach to COVID-19: Taiwan’s National Epidemic Prevention Team article (52)
2021-02 Environmental Collaboration within a Country? Tackling Cross-border Electronic Waste Movement between Mainland China and Hong Kong article (26)
2020-11 Corporate Social Responsibility in the Development of China's Rural Education: A Case Study of Two Counties in Anhui Province article (16)
2020-01 Fighting COVID-19 in Hong Kong : the effects of community and social mobilization article (17)
2018-11 Environmental policy change in two transitional societies: a comparative study on anti-incinerator construction in Guangzhou and Taipei article (17)
2016-11 The road to environmental participatory governance in Taiwan: collaboration and challenges in incineration and municipal waste management article (16)
2016-04 Environmental protests and NIMBY activism: Local politics and waste management in Beijing and Guangzhou article (18)
2015-05 Advocacy Coalitions and Policy Change in China: A Case Study of Anti-incinerator Protest in Guangzhou article (32)