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2021-08 Making open educational resource videos on sustainable development: Students’ attitudes, rationales, and approaches article (22)
2021-06 Graduate employment in higher education: Applying bibliometrics to world-system theory article (25)
2021-06 Graduates’ career success predicted by mathematical and affective abilities, effective higher-education learning and economic contexts: A bioecological positivity to success model article (27)
2021-06 Online mathematics education: A bibliometric analysis conference (31)
2021-02 繪本融入國小數學四則運算單元補救教學之行動研究 article (74)
2021-02 Gender differences in factors relating to STEM choices in higher education: male-thing vs. female-people interest hypothesis conference (23)
2020-12 Becoming resilient and creative researchers in higher education facing COVID-19: A bioecological model by bibliometric mapping conference (17)
2020-10 An extended gender-matching hypothesis in mathematical problem-solving conference (29)
2020-09 Gender differences in effects of father/mother parenting on mathematics achievement growth: A Bioecological model of human development article (58)
2020-09 Linear or quadratic effects of ICT use on science and mathematics achievements moderated by SES: Conditioned ecological techno-process article (76)
2020-08 Gender differences in predicting STEM choice by affective states and behaviors in online mathematical problem solving: Positive-affect-to-success hypothesis article (51)
2020-08 Making the most of student reflections for internship supervision and assessment conference (46)
2019.12 How does school leadership affect student mathematics achievement? conference (130)
2019.1 Adolescent mathematics ability trajectories and related ecological factors. conference (273)
2019-09 An ecological approach to adolescent mathematics ability development: Differences in demographics, parenting, mathematics teaching, and student behaviors and emotions article (67)
2019-05 Exploring models for increasing the effects of school information and communication technology use on learning outcomes through outside-school use and socioeconomic status mediation: The Ecological Techno-Process. article (55)
2018-09 Effects of early numeracy activities on mathematics achievement and affect: Parental value and child gender conditions and socioeconomic status mediation article (379)
2018-07 個體發展的有效教育提供:多元數據分析取向 report (62)
2018-04 Equality or quality? Using within-school ranks to admit disadvantaged medical students article (333)
2018-02 Development and Validation of the Energy-Issue Attitude Questionnaire: Relations with Energy Knowledge, Affect, and Behavior article (110)
2017-12 Equality or quality? Using within-school ranks to admit disadvantaged medical students article (275)
2017-11 Repeated field teaching: preservice teachers’ changes in teaching efficacy and theories of mathematics teaching article (207)
2017-10 Identifying effective e-teaching and general mathematical teaching profiles to predict student mathematical cognition and affect by latent profile analysis article (266)
2017-08 Extending the internal/external frame of reference model to early-year cognitive abilities for children from diverse backgrounds article (367)
2017-08 High school student rationales for studying advanced science: Analysis of their psychological and cultural capitals article (182)