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2021-06 Online mathematics education: A bibliometric analysis conference (31)
2021-02 Gender differences in factors relating to STEM choices in higher education: male-thing vs. female-people interest hypothesis conference (23)
2020-12 Becoming resilient and creative researchers in higher education facing COVID-19: A bioecological model by bibliometric mapping conference (17)
2020-10 An extended gender-matching hypothesis in mathematical problem-solving conference (29)
2020-08 Making the most of student reflections for internship supervision and assessment conference (46)
2019.12 How does school leadership affect student mathematics achievement? conference (130)
2019.1 Adolescent mathematics ability trajectories and related ecological factors. conference (273)
2006-07 「生於憂患、死於安樂」?以台灣TIMSS資料進行團體效果與自我調節交互作用的多階層線性模式分析 conference
2006-07 A situated self-regulated learning system: Evidence from Taiwanese children’s constructs of mathematical problems. conference
2006-07 父母教養信念與方式經由孩子內在動機資源對孩子成就影響之研究:父母量表編製與模式驗證 conference
2005-11 Predictors of Mathematical Achievement and Deep Approaches: A Comparison Between TIMSS Results of Taiwan Japan and England conference
2005-07 Role of parents' involvement self-efficacy expectation and perception in young children's achievement conference
2005-06 父母投入、自我效能、期望與知覺在孩子成就上扮演角色之研究 conference
2005 教師與學生對創造性與非創造性數學問題的教學與學習取向 conference
2005 多元智能各向度核心能力與興趣之詮譯-台灣專家的創見 conference
2005 運用與超越多元智能理論 conference
2004 從兒童對數學問題解決的情緒反應類型談數學教室內的適性教學 conference