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2018-04 介於「哲學的神學」與「神學的哲學」之間:以胡塞爾、海德格、鄂蘭與呂格爾為例 conference
2017-11 「胡塞爾現象學」與「心理學」之間 conference
2013-11-16 從「原初理性」生成「原初語言」來談文化的再造:從海德格的討論出發來看 conference (770)
2012-05 How can we express what is implied in our life?– A comparative examination (Husserl, Heidegger, Arendt and Tang Chun-I) conference
2012-04 How Can We Express What Is Implied In Our Life? – A Comparative Examination conference
2011-09 On Phenomenological Method of Connection between Life and Reason: A Comparison between Husserl's and Heidegger's Approach conference
2011-07 Divinity and Beauty in Process of Indication – A Phenomenological Approach conference
2011-05 試論連接生命與反思的現象學方法 - 胡塞爾與海德格的比較 conference
2011-03 The Grecian and Judeo-Christian Background in Heidegger's Conception of Dasein : A Possible Meeting-point for Eastern and Western Philosophies conference
2010-12 The Role of Thinking and Action by Phenomenological Border-crossing conference (639)
2010-12 奧古斯丁論自然與人性的超越 ――《懺悔錄》卷十一的解析 conference
2010-10 海德格究竟主張神學性的哲學或哲學性的神學? ─ 與胡塞爾及鄂蘭立場的比較來看 conference
2010-07 "Religious Philosophy" or "Philosophical Religion". A Comparison between Chinese and Western Philosophy via Hannah Arendt's Reflection on Image and Metaphor Language conference
2010-05 對圖像與隱喻的反省:從漢娜鄂蘭的觀點出發 conference
2009-12 胡塞爾與生命哲學 conference
2009-11 從Dasein看東西方可能的交會點 conference
2009-09 Kunstlehre" and Applied Phenomenology conference
2009-09 處於倫理內在性與宗教超越性之間:比較胡塞爾與海德格的宗教現象學 conference
2009-07 Phenomenological Constitution of the Meaning of Leisure Culture conference
2008-12 Husserl's Phenomenological Epoche behind Arendt's Conception of an Authentic Culture conference