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2011-06 Apotropatic Ritual in Buddho-Daoist Context conference
2012-03 Perfect Writs, Jade Talisman and Numinous: A Study of the Concept of Image in Early Daoist Scripture conference
2012-05 True Form, Divine Diagram and Luminous Talisman: Visual Culture in the Three Sovereigns Tradition conference
2011-06 Lineage and Teaching: The School of Eastern Flower in Sung Yuan dynasties conference
2011-05 Ritual, Spirit Possession and Healing in Taiwan conference
2011-01 百年宗教學研究 conference
2011-01 宗教學發展與道教研究方法 conference
2010-11 古靈寶經中的大乘之道 conference
2010-10 道與法的複合與辯證 conference
2010-09 臺南法派之教法與傳承初探:以醒心壇與和意堂為核心 conference
2010-08 金山派之傳承與教法:歷史、在台傳承與歐美傳布初探 conference
2010-08 A Study of Exorcism in the Method of Ucchusma and Luminous Agent Marshal Ma conference
2010-06 南臺灣法派蠡測 conference
2010-05 西王母形象之轉化:以《上清金母求仙大法》為核心 conference
2010-03 從藝術學門發展脈絡看華人宗教藝術研究的趨勢 conference
2009-12 Exorcism in Buddho-Daoist Context: A Study of Exorcism in the Method of Ucchusma and Luminous Agent Marshal Ma," Symposium on “Exorcism in Religious Daoism conference
2009-11 Luminous Diagram, Jade Talisman and True Form: A Study of Lingbao Twenty-four Diagrams, conference
2009-11 Sacred Scriptures and Transmission: The Notion of “translation” in Six Dynasties Daoist Scriptures conference
2009-10 生死與儀禮:中世紀道教經典當中的煉度觀念與死亡救濟 conference
2009-05 靈圖、玉符與真形:《洞玄靈寶二十四生圖》探討 conference