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2018-01 香光尼僧團的菁英特質與影響:以自鼐法師與自拙法師為核心 conference
2017-05 Local Daoist Visual Arts and Rituals: From Three Daoist Exhibitions to A Daoist Visual Art Project conference
2016-11 Daoist Manuscript and Ritual: A Study of the Dipper Ritual in Local Daoism conference
2016-07 近當代道教的形塑與口述史 conference
2016-07 清微法與地方密教傳統 conference
2016-05 真文、玉符與金母:《上清金母求仙上法》與金母形象探討 conference
2016-05 禮斗、告斗與近代抄本中的斗科 conference
2016-04 Daoism and Nationalism conference
2016-04 Paintings, Statues and manuscripts: Daoist Collection of Lee Fongmao conference
2015-12 台灣民間宗教醫療之考察:以附身與儀式醫療為例 article (407)
2015-12 台灣當代佛教口述歷史(1949–2015) conference
2015-06 台灣新道教の斗科と傳道 conference
2015-06 經典與儀式:唯心聖教之宗教實踐 conference
2015-01 經典、啟示與宗教教育 conference
2014-12 斗醮的歷史與近代斗醮 conference
2014-03 殺伐與捉斬—宋元時期官將元帥文本中之戰爭象徵 conference
2012.12 玄珠有相,太乙歸真:當代西方對宋元以後內丹學研究之回顧 conference (761)
2012-05 True Form, Divine Diagram and Luminous Talisman: Visual Culture in the Three Sovereigns Tradition conference
2012-03 Perfect Writs, Jade Talisman and Numinous: A Study of the Concept of Image in Early Daoist Scripture conference
2011-06 Apotropatic Ritual in Buddho-Daoist Context conference