Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2020-12 應用Auto-encoder技術於無監督漢字圖像修復 劉昭麟Liu, Chao-Lin conference (9)
2021-10 Selective avoidance and opinion expression user types in social media during elections: Their political communication behaviors and happiness 林日璇、Lin, Jih-Hsuan conference (11)
2021-05 Location-based mobile advertising, benefit-cost assessment, and advertising skepticism among Taiwanese mobile consumers 林翠絹、Lin, Trisha T. C. conference (10)
2021.06 Socialbot representations on cross-media platforms during 2020 Taiwanese Presidential Election: A big data research 林翠絹、Lin, Trisha T. C. conference (10)
2021-05 Socialbots, political computational propaganda, and disinformation in Taiwan: A social-technical system analysis 林翠絹、Lin, Trisha T. C. conference (16)
2021-06 台灣媒體報導新冠肺炎公衛危機新聞框架:個資、隱私及資安議題分析 (Taiwanese media news framing of Covid-19 public health crisis: Analyses of personal data, privacy and security issues). 林翠絹、Lin, Trisha T. C. conference (11)
2021.02 “Noise“ in Communicating Risk about the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Impact of Uncivil Online Messages 施琮仁、Shih, Tsung Jen conference (35)
2020-11 Public perception of the Covid-19 pandemic in Taiwan: The impact of misinformation and uncivil messages 施琮仁、Shih, Tsung Jen conference (10)
2020-10 在虛擬實境中基於個人動暈敏感性 以客製化機制減輕暈眩之可行性探討 陳宜秀、Chen, Yi-Hsiu conference (8)
2021-09 The Influence of Different Drawing Tools on the Learning Motivation and Color Cognition of the fourth grade students at the Elementary school 鄭霈絨、Pei-Jung Cheng、I-Chen Lee conference (9)