Date Title Author Type  Full Text(downloads)
2008-08 Language and culture: Place naming derived from animal names in Taiwan indigenous languages 林蒔慧、Lin, Shih-Hui Melissa、Chao, Tsung-Yi conference (8)
2008-08 Language, place and identity: The politics of place and language in the formation of indigenous identity in Hualien, Taiwan 林蒔慧、Lin, Shih-Hui Melissa conference (7)
2008-04 Sakizaya or Amis?: A hidden ethnic group in Taiwan 林蒔慧、Lin, Shih-Hui Melissa conference (11)
2008 大眾傳播媒介對大學生政治支持的影響:一項定群追蹤的研究 劉嘉薇、Liu, Jia-Wei thesis (20)
2009 非營利組織事業化之研究-以企業型文教基金會為例 黃慧美、Huang, Hui-Mei thesis (6)
2008 中小企業組織特質與人力資源發展相關性之研究 黃采萍、Huang, Tsai-Ping thesis (26)