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2022-03 改土歸流與精細培養:中共省委組織部部長選任模式演變,1992~2021 梁梓然、Liang, Zi-ran article (5)
2022-03 Children's time use in immigrant and native families: National evidence from Australia 陳人豪、Chen, Jen-Hao article (1)
2022-02 Channel Design and OEM Growth in a Multi-market Setup 李曉惠、Lee, Hsiao-Hui、Chang, Tingkai、Jean, Kevin、Kuo, Chia-Wei article (27)
2022-02 Perception 鄭會穎、Cheng, Tony book/chapter (14)
2022-02 Touch and other Somatosensory Senses 鄭會穎、Cheng, Tony book/chapter (14)
2022-01 央行在健全房市方案中扮演的角色 楊金龍 conference (23)
2022-01 「新冠肺炎疫情與房市發展」引言 陳明吉、Chen, Ming-Chi conference (29)
2022-01 COVID-19 pandemics and disinformation issues in Taiwan: Analyses on YouTube videos 林翠絹、Lin, T, T. C. conference (61)
2022-01 從宗密的「靈知」到朱熹的「主宰」:儒佛思想影響史的方法論反思與新發現 鄭澤綿、Zheng, Zemian article (2)
2022-01 馬丁.布伯論動物凝視中的自然存有相互性 林靜秀、Lin, Ching-Hsiu article (4)