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2010-09 The Analysis of MIS Collaboration Research Networks and Research Issues Structure: The Example of MIS Quarterly Journal Wang, Jyun-Cheng; Chiu, Chui-Chen; Chang, Ching-Hui
2016-03 An Analysis of Trust, Distrust, and Their Antecedents: Development of a Comprehensive Model of Consumer Intentions in Technology-Driven Transactions Simon, Steven John; Cagle, Carol J.
2015-03 Antecedents and Consequences of Trust in Using Mobile Banking Yu, Chian-Son
2012-03 The Application of Healthcare Information System for Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Kuo, Nai-Wen; Chung, Yao-Yu
2010-03 Applying a Service Mindset When Thinking and Communicating about Systems and Projects Alter, Steven
2011-09 Assessing the Effectiveness of E-learning via User Profile Analysis: An AHP-based Dynamic Programming Approach Fazlollahtabar, Hamed; Mahdavi, Iraj; Nezam, Mahdavi-Amiri
2010-09 A CMM Assessment of Information Systems Maturity Levels in Botswana Uzoka, Faith-Michael E.
2002-12 Compositional Transformation of Message Sequence Charts into High-level Petri Boxes Gurovič, Daniel; Fengler, W.
2012-09 Data Hiding Technique Based on LSB Matching towards High Imperceptibility Mohamed, Marghny H.; Naziha, M. Al-Aidroos; Bamatraf, Mohamed A.
2014-09 Data Management Issues and Data Mining of Real Time System Application for Environment Monitoring Saini, Dinesh Kumar; Maskari, Sanad Al
2011-03 Demographic Differences and Internet Banking Acceptance Li, Hong-Lei; Lai, Min-Mei
2014-03 Detection and Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities in Java Kumar, Ch. Aswani; Charitha, M. Sai
2015-03 Development of an In-House Grid Testbed Supporting Scheduling and Execution of Scientific Workflows Prajapati, Harshadkumar B.; Shah, Vipul A.
2014-09 A Discrete Formulation of Successive Software Releases Based on Imperfect Debugging Singh, Jagvinder; Anand, Adarsh; Kumar, Avneesh; Khatri, Sunil Kumar
2000-12 The Distributed Multimedia Presentation System Based on Extended Timed Petri Nets Shih, Timothy K.; Keh, Huan-Chao; Huang, Jiung-yao; Deng, Lawrence Y.; Huang, Teh-Sheng; Chiang, Ding-Jung
2004-12 DS-CDMA無基礎行動式群播通訊網路之設計 龔旭陽; 陳素滿; 許啟裕; Kung, Hsu-Yang; Chen, Su-Man; Hsu, Chi-Yu
2003-06 Dynamic Programming Variant in Evolution Strategies for Production Allocation Problems 侯永昌; 張應華; Hou, Young-Chang; Chang, Ying-Hua
2016-03 Editor's Introduction Li, Eldon Y.
2011-09 Effect of Manufacturer Reputation, Retailer Reputation and Seller Reputation in China's Online Shopping Market Tong, Xiao
2013-09 An Effective Pareto Optimality Based Fusion Technique for Information Retrieval Batri, Krishnan
2004-12 ERP對企業產銷互動價值性產出之影響 許麗玲; 王曉梅; Hsu, Li-Ling; Wang, Hsiao-Mei
2014-03 Exploring Donation Appeals in Top Not-for-Profit Websites Pitts, Robert E.; Blose, Julia E.; Mack, Rhonda W.
2009-09 Exploring E-learning Effectiveness Based on Activity Theory: An Example of Asynchronous Distance Learning Hung, Shin-Yuan; Yu, Wen-Ju; Liou, Kuang-Long; Hsu, Shih-Chieh
2015-03 Exploring the Role of Culture in eWOM Adoption Pentina, Iryna; Basmanova, Oksana; Zhang, Lixuan; Ukis, Yuliya
2013-03 Facilities and Service Models for Electric Scooter Recharge Stations Wu, Hsu-Che; Wang, Pei-Wen

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