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2012-09 The Right Format of Web Advertisement: Case Study in Iran Hanafizadeh, Payam; Behboudi, Mehdi
2011-03 Secure Password Based Authentication Protocol to Thwart Online Dictionary Attacks Sood, Sandeep K.
2016-03 Secure WLAN Handoff Scheme with Continuous Authentication Singh, Rajeev; Sharma, Teek P.
2013-09 Securing DNA Information through Public Key Cryptography Tripathi, Shiv P. N.; Jaiswal, Manas; Singh, Vrijendra
2014-09 Securing E-Commerce Business Using Hybrid Combination Based on New Symmetric Key and RSA Algorithm Kuppuswamy, Prakash; Saeed, Q. Y. Al-Khalidi
2013-03 A Simultaneous Business Design Method Utilizing G-RD Saito, Tetsu; Udagawa, Kingo; Mitsukuni, Koshichiro
2002-12 State Equation and Stability for a Class of Continuous Petri Nets. Application to the Control of a Production System Chérif, Amer-Yahia
2000-12 STRPN-多媒體時空關係展示延伸型Petri Net模式 張元斌; 許秉瑜; 陳彥良; Chang, Yuan-Bin; Hsu, Ping-Yu; Chen, Yien-Liang
2002-12 A Study on Managers’ Perception of is Management Issues in CHINA Chen, Jim; Zhang, Jeff Yue; Xiang, Baohua
2010-03 A Symbiosis-Based Value Co-Creation Framework for Service Delivery Design 苑守慈; Tung, Wei-Feng; Yuan, Soe-Tysr
2000-12 Synchronization Models for Interactive Multimedia Presentations Using Timed Petri Nets Jeng, Mu-Der; Wen, Yuan-Lin
1999-12 Three Incremental Maintenance Algorithms on Object-Oriented Data Warehousing 陳威州; 洪宗貝; 林文揚; Chen, Wei-Chou; Hong, Tzung-Pei; Lin, Wen-Yang
2009-09 Using Constructivism and Scaffolding Theories to Explore Learning Style and Effect in Blog System Environment Chang, Jamie Y.T.; Wang, Eric T.G.; Chao, Ruey-Ming
2011-03 Using Grounded Theory to Redefine the Role of Teacher and Student in the E-learning Environment Yu, Chia-Ping; Chang, Chia-Yu
2010-09 Using Multiagent Based on Fuzzy Reasoning Approach to Solve Project Team Work Allocation Problems Chen, Yee-Ming; Wei, Cheng-Wei
2011-09 Why Do People Make Online Group Purchases? Risk Avoidance, Sociability, Conformity, and Perceived Playfulness Shu, Wesley
1999-12 一種256色機密影像分享的新技術 侯永昌; 林芳助; 張兆源; Hou, Young-Chang; Lin, Franz; Chang, Chao-Yuan
2003-06 互動多模式決策支援之研究─醫院藥品存貨管理決策 李俊民; 張義範; Lee, Jiunn-Min; Chang, Yi-Fan
2006-03 以D&M資訊系統成功模型為基礎發展知識管理系統成功模型之研究 蔡宗宏; 許芳銘; 池文海; Tsai, Chung-Hung; Hsu, Fang-Ming; Chih, Wen-Hai
2004-12 以“網站體驗”觀點探討影響網站忠誠度之因素-以手機網站為例 吳肇銘; Wu, Chao-Ming
2000-12 以半色調技術製作彩色視覺密碼 侯永昌; 張兆源; 林芳助; Hou, Young-Chang; Chang, Chao-Yuan; Lin, Franz
1999-12 以可重複序列挖掘網路瀏覽規則之研究 陳仕昇; 許秉瑜; 陳彥良; Chen, Shih-Sheng; Hsu, Ping-Yu; Chen, Yen-Liang
1998-12 以實驗法探討資料模式與訓練程度對使用者自信心與資料表示能力之影響 廖則竣; 施孟林
2009-09 以活動理論探討電子化學習績效之研究-以嘉義縣教育網路為例 洪新原; 游雯茹; 劉光隆; 徐士傑; Hung, Shin-Yuan; Yu, Wen-Ju; Liou, Kuang-Long; Hsu, Shih-Chieh
2004-12 以網站探勘技術為基礎之電子目錄上推薦服務之研究 林熙禎; 許益誠; Lin, Shi-Jen; Hsu, Yi-Chen

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