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Title: Towards a Philosophical Foundation for Translation: Ricoeur’s Hermeneutics
Authors: 鄭永康
Tee, Carlos G.
Keywords: 保羅.利科;翻譯詮釋學;翻譯研究;等同性;不可譯現象;語言不對稱
hermeneutics;translation;Paul Ricoeur;author’s intention;third text;untranslatability;understanding and explanation;transla-tion equivalence
Date: 2012-09
Issue Date: 2016-08-23 17:49:32 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 當代翻譯研究與翻譯詮釋學在語言與文化上有諸多共同點。利科 (Paul Ricoeur) 晚年的重要著作《關於翻譯》(On Translation) 一書中透過討論與翻譯息息相關的話題,如等同性、不可譯現象、語言不對稱、翻譯難度、文化因素等等,來敍述他的翻譯詮釋學論點。利科更進一步引用上述話題,探討作者的意念、理解與解說、第三文本等更根本的詮釋學觀念,並與當代翻譯學相關概念一一比較,尋找出之間共同之處。 本文亦就上述論點將利科與高達美 (Hans-Georg Gadamer) 和士來馬赫 (Friedrich Schleiermacher) 的共同點及差異點作更深入比較,清楚點出當代翻譯研究之詮釋學理論基礎。其中利科談及文本在閱讀的首要地位遠超過作者與讀者,並利用理解與解說二觀念來敍述翻譯過程中解碼步驟的詮釋學內涵。利科利用第三文本的概念指出不可譯現象與語言和文化之關聯所在,並探討翻譯等同性的存在與否。
Translation theory and philosophy of translation find a common ground on broader issues of language and culture. In his On Translation, Paul Ricoeur views philosophy as translation itself and examines core philosophical issues related to translation, such as equivalence, translatability, asymmetry of lan-guages, textual difficulties and cultural difference, among others. This paper examines Ricoeur’s ideas on author intention, understanding and explanation, third text and untranslatability and compares them with relevant concepts in contemporary translation studies. For Ricoeur, both the author and the reader are of secondary importance relative to the text and for him it is the matter of the text that is of primary significance. Here, he is similar with Gadamer and differs from Schleiermacher. In his book, Ricoeur explores the core hermeneutical concepts of understanding, interpretation and explanation of texts to discuss translation. These concepts actually overlap with how the meaning of texts is captured by a translator in the initial phase of his task: the decoding process. Ricoeur uses the idea of a hypothetical “third text” to better explain equivalence, or the lack of it, between original and target texts. This theoretical “third text” has its counterpart in translation studies: the abstracted original meaning that resides temporarily in the mind of the translator as he shifts from decoding the original text to encoding it in another language. Ricoeur adopts Freud’s idea of “work of mourning” to discuss loss in translation, citing what he called the “first untranslatable” or the concept of asymmetry among languages and cultures. This paper attempts to establish parallelisms between issues on contemporary translation studies and relevant concepts in Ricoeur’s philosophy of translation.
Relation: 文化越界,1(8),75-100
Cross-cultural Studies
Data Type: article
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