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Title: 「トドウジニ」の意味・用法について
Authors: 江雯薰
Keywords: 「トドウジニ」;時間従属節;同時関係;接続助詞化;限界点
Date: 2006-01
Issue Date: 2016-08-30 16:14:25 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 「Todouzini」是由複數的詞,也就是「to」「douzi」「ni」所結合而成的詞組,與接續助詞有著相同機能的形式。本稿的目的在於具體地考察,「Todouzini」中有什麼様的用法,並且如何地捕捉在這些用法中所表的共通意思。另外,「Todouzini」所持有的統語上的特徴・限制和「Todouzini」所表的意思有著如何的關連也在考察範圍内。 考察的結果如下列所示。 首先,從文法化的觀點來看,「Todouzini」是由「to」「douzi」「ni」所構成的複合接續助詞。其中的「Douzi」本身所持有的名詞性稀薄化,使「Todouzini」留有「Douzi」所表的名詞性進而轉移成接續助詞的形式。還有,就時間的觀点來看,「Todouzini」有表時間的場合和不表時間的場合兩種。其中,在表時間的場合中,前文和後文是否為同時關係是由動作主體是否相同等來決定。還有,表同時關係的場合,決定後文和前文的哪個部分同時的因素為後文和補語。
“Todouzini,” composed by “to,” “douzi” and “ni,” is a set of phrase, which contains a similar feature as connective helping word.The purpose of this paper is to explore specifically how to use “Todouzini” and how to catch a common meaning among its various usages. Beside, the relationship between the function and limitation of “Todouzini” and its meaning is also included in this investigation.The result shows as the following:First, from the aspect of grammar, “Todouzini” is a compound connective helping word composed of “to,” “douzi” and “ni.” “Douzi” itself is a noun that its property gradually diminishes which makes todouzini keep the form of douzi, which a noun is transformed into a connective helping word.In addition, from the time point of view, todouzini demonstrates two sorts of occasion: one is to present time and the other is not to present time. On the occasion that presents time, whether the context is a simultaneous relationship is determined by either the action object is the same or equal.Furthermore, in the situation that shows a simultaneous relationship, the decisive factor which part in the context happen at the same time is the later text and the complement.
Relation: 政大日本研究,第三號,117-142
Chengchi journal of Japanese studies
Data Type: article
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