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Title: 不只是聽廣播:廣播與社群媒介匯流的擬社會互動經驗
Authors: 賴筱茜;陳延昇
Keywords: 擬社會互動;社群媒介;吸引力;自我揭露
Date: 2015-06
Issue Date: 2016-09-05 17:23:14 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 廣播結合社群媒介是新形態媒介使用,尤其近年電台主持人在廣播媒介平台之外,紛紛經營臉書粉絲專頁與聽眾互動。本研究基於擬社會互動論點,分析電台主持人的社交吸引力、聲音吸引力,以及聽眾的動機、寂寞感,對擬社會互動之影響。同時也考量臉書粉絲專頁的自我揭露感知之數量、深度、正向性之變項影響。此外,本文也探討白天與夜晚的收聽情境是否影響上述變項互動關係。線上調查以有收聽特定知名廣播節目經驗者為立意抽樣,有效問卷為303份。結果顯示,整體而言,主持人社交與聲音吸引力與聽眾的擬社會互動經驗有正向關聯。工具性動機與寂寞感則沒有顯著影響。社群媒介方面,以自我揭露的深度最具影響效果,但數量卻意外發現與擬社會互動有負向關聯。顯示主持人運用社群媒介時,發文內容深度才是關鍵,過量和淺薄卻有反效果。本研究也針對白天和夜晚收聽情境進行比較,白天情境與整體情境相同,但夜晚收聽則發現自我揭露的正向性有顯著效果。本文著重探討新舊媒介匯流對閱聽人的收聽經驗之影響,並分析在此型態下的聽眾新面貌。
In order to understand the new phenomenon of audiences’ experience of using traditional media converging with social media nowadays, this study applied parasocial interaction (PSI) perspective to examine the important factors related with the PSI mechanism, namely, attraction of sociality, attraction of DJs’ voice, instrumental motivation, and loneliness. In addition, social media use was considered as a new route of PSI in this study. The amount, depth, and valence of self-disclosure on Facebook Fan Pages were examined. The online survey recruited 303 participants who had experience both of broadcasting and Fan Pages for selected three popular music radio stations in Taiwan. The results indicated that the attractions of sociality and DJs’ voice impacted the PSI. Instrumental motivation and loneliness were not reported as significant. For Fan Pages, the amount of self-disclosure negatively predicted PSI. On the contrary, the depth of self-disclosure positively predicted PSI. The impact of day/night broadcasting sessions was discussed to explain different audience experiences on social media. In sum, this paper focused on the influence of combination of new and traditional media on audiences, especially for their parasocial experiences.
Relation: 廣播與電視, 38, 1-33
Journal of Radio & Television Studies
Data Type: article
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