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Title: 全球化背景下的中國文學
Other Titles: Chinese Literature Under The Background of Globalization
Authors: 趙曉虎
Zhao, Xiao-Hu
Date: 2011-09
Issue Date: 2016-12-29 15:22:47 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 本文從「中國文學特性的元根性考察」、「回到世界文學命題之初」、「世界文學語境中的中國文學」三個方面,力爭在對中華民族文學的生存環境的考量和對馬克思主義經典作家的世界文學思想的解讀基礎上,把握全球化背景下中國文學發展的基本走向。 對中華民族文學的本質特徵的把握應該從它的發生學角度入手。獨特的地理環境對中華民族的文化形成產生了深遠的影響,中華民族在偏僻、封閉而又相對廣闊的文化領地生存繁衍,經過漫長曲折民族融合後最終形成包括漢民族文化和五十多個少數民族文化在內的複合文化。在1840年的鴉片戰爭以及後來西方列強入侵等一系列的慘痛事實面前,中國文學所固有的「世界中心」地位無奈地讓位於西方文學,從而被迫退居到世界文學邊緣的位置。隨著資本主義積極開拓世界市場,各個國家民族文學原有的封閉性自給自足性被打破。正是在這樣的歷史條件下,歌德、馬克思等歷史偉人敏銳地把握到時代的訊息,機智地提出了「世界文學」的宏偉構想。重新閱讀這些經典論斷,給我們帶來諸多深刻的思想啟示。 在中國被動接受世界文學的百年現代化進程中,西方世界文明進入了一個前所未有的歷史時期,當今世界已然進入一個全球一體化時代。在當下全球化的歷史語境中,隨著中國由人口大國向經濟大國的崛起,中國文學在世界文學中的發展策略和模式也必須進行重新的思考。在遵循中國文學歷史發展規律基礎上,筆者認為中國文學應循序漸進地處理好如下問題:首先,處理好中國本土文學間的問題,諸如「漢族與少數民族」、「中心與邊緣」等問題。其次,處理好與印度、伊朗、越南、日本等周邊國家民族文學問題,進而處理好與其他「東方國家」民族文學的問題。最後,處理好與西方國家民族文學的問題,諸如中德、中法、中英、中美等問題,其中「獨語與對話」、「中心與邊緣」的問題最為迫切。
This paper observes the basic direction of the development of Chinese literature basing on an Interpretation of the thinking of the "World Literature" advanced by Marxist Classic Writers and an investigation of Chinese literature's living environment. And the paper was written from the three aspects, namely, Chinese Literature in “globalization" Context, the Formation of the definition of "World Literature" and On fundamental reasons for the character of Chinese literature. It is necessary for us to grasp the Mastery of the essential feature of Chinese ethnic Literature from literary genealogy. The unique geographical environment formed a far-reaching influence to Chinese culture. The Chinese People live and reproduce in remote, closed and broad Region. It finally formed compound culture including Han ethnic culture and more than 50 national minorities culture after the long course of nationality integration. After the Opium War in the year of 1840, the world center position of Chinese literature has given place to Western literature ,then Chinese literature Was forced to pushed into the world literature edge position. With the dominate status of capitalism in world market, western civilization entered a period of unprecedented prosperity. It was in this context that Goethe and Marx further Keenly aware era's message and gave rise to their main theme "world literature". Their ideas of the chapter and verse are of great enlightening significance to us. During the modernization process of Chinese literature in the past century, western civilization entered a period of unprecedented prosperity and the world entered the period of economical globalization. Under the background of globalization, along with the transition of the status of China from a super nation in Population to economy, We should reflect the development Strategy and mode of Chinese literature . Based on the developmental law of the Chinese literature, the researchers of Chinese literature need to handle some important relationships step by step as follows: Firstly ,we should handle the relationship between the literature of ethnic minority and Han Nationality. Secondly, we should handle the relationship between the literature of China and the surrounding countries, such as India、Iran、Vietnam、Japan and so on, then further handle the relations between the literature of China and the other "Orient" countries. Finally, we should handle the relationship between the literature of China and Western countries, such as Germany, France, England, America and so on. Exploring the relationship between “Center and Edge” “Monologue and dialogue” is becoming the most crucial problem.
Relation: 廣譯:語言、文學與文化翻譯, 5, 73-92
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