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Title: 翻譯中的認知、語意傳遞及文化障礙
Other Titles: About Perceptions, Transfer of Meaning, and Cultural Barriers in Translation;Sobre percepciones, transmisión del sentido y Barreras culturales en la traducción
Authors: 艾米里歐‧歐德加‧阿爾侯尼亞
Arjonilla, Emilio Ortega
Date: 2015-09
Issue Date: 2016-12-29 16:04:12 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 在一個全球化社會中,語言與文化的同質化似乎已將許多人類活動標準化(在經濟、政治、科技方面等),這是一個愈來愈普遍的趨勢,而我將證明不同的觀察者對「相同事物」具有不同認知。最近的一項例子是發生在西方國家對於捍衛言論自由的反應,在先進世界的民主國家中,捍衛言論自由被視為具有神聖的價值(尤其在巴黎的《查理週刊》遭到恐怖攻擊後)。如此的反應尤其發生在有大量穆斯林社群的國家裡,將先知穆罕默德具象化的事物視為冒犯,若是以漫畫形式表現就更糟了,無論畫風是否優雅精湛。在這個事件中,語言的翻譯並非問題所在,因為無疑地翻譯不但具品質且忠於原文,其問題根源於每個地方對文化的詮釋與認知大異其趣。 這項研究的意義不在於對如此複雜的現實提出一套簡單的答案,而是透過《診斷》及《質詢》豐富譯者的工作內容。而在這個世界上,譯者所扮演的角色就彷彿在巴別塔時代享有詮釋權的調停者。
In a globalized society, where the presumed linguistic and cultural homogenization seems to be the standard in many areas of the human activity (Economics, Politics, Science and Technology, etc.), I will show that, more and more frequently, there are different perceptions “of the same thing”, depending on the observer. One recent example of this is the reactions in Western countries to defend the freedom of speech, considered as a sacred value of the current democracies in the first world countries (after the terrorist attacks in Paris against journalists of the magazine Charlie Hébdo) and the reactions shown in many countries with a majority of Muslim people in their territories, where any representation of their prophet (Mohammed) is considered as an offense, and, even worse, if this representation is a caricature. It doesn’t matter if this caricature is polite or not with the celebrity represented. In this case, the problem is not the linguistic translation of messages that it is supposed to be very well done, with a great quality and fidelity to the original message, but the perception or cultural interpretation of these messages around the world.
Relation: 廣譯:語言、文學與文化翻譯, 12, 1-53
Data Type: article
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