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Title: 不同匯率轉嫁程度下,外匯管理政策之總體經濟效果
Macroeconomic effects of foreign exchange policies under alternative exchange rate pass-through
Authors: 陳建勳
Chen, Chien-Hsum
Contributors: 黃俞寧
Hwang, Yu-Ning
Chen, Chien-Hsum
Keywords: 國際金融
International finance
Exchange rate pass-through
Foreign exchange policies
Date: 2016
Issue Date: 2017-01-04 12:03:39 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 近年來,由於國際化的開展,國際貿易愈來愈普及,匯率因此扮演一個重要的角色。貶值固然可以提高一國的出口競爭力,卻可能造成通貨膨脹而不利本國消費,激烈的匯率波動更會造成兩國間貿易的不確定性。因此,各國中央銀行為了穩定外匯市場及商品市場,並為了追求低而穩定的通貨膨脹率而干預匯率波動。依據Devereux and Engle (2003),跨國廠商在訂貿易財價格時可採生產者貨幣訂價法(producer-currency pricing, PCP)或當地貨幣訂價法(local-currency pricing, LCP),在此兩種訂價方式下,匯率的轉嫁程度會有所不同,此亦可能會改變貨幣政策的總體經濟效果。
With the development of the global economy, the international trade has become more common. When the country trades with other countries, exchange rate plays an important role. The currency depreciation may generate the current account surplus, but may lead to higher inflation and hurt the domestic consumption. Drastic exchange rate fluctuations may result in the uncertainty in trades. As the result, central banks may intervene in the foreign exchange market to stabilize exchange rate movements. Devereux and Engle (2003) build up the two-country DSGE model to examine macroeconomic effects of monetary policy under different degree of exchange rate pass-through. They consider two cases: producer-currency-pricing (PCP) where the exchange rate pass-through is complete and expenditure-switching effect exists, and local-currency-pricing (LCP) where the exchange rate pass-through is incomplete and there is no expenditure-switching effect.
In the paper, we follow the small-open-economy DSGE model in Kollmann (2002) by including the balance sheet and alternative monetary policy rules of the monetary policy to examine the different macroeconomic effects under different degrees of exchange rate pass-through.
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