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Title: 以SDN為基礎之具服務品質感知的智慧家庭頻寬管理架構
SDN based QoS aware bandwidth management framework for smart homes
Authors: 林建廷
Lin, Jian Ting
Contributors: 張宏慶
Jang, Hung Chin
Lin, Jian Ting
Keywords: 物聯網
Internet of things
Smart home
Bandwidth allocation
Software defined networking
Date: 2017
Issue Date: 2017-07-24 12:19:27 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 隨著智慧家庭技術及物聯網的裝置大幅度地成長,智慧家庭的網路流量亦隨之升高。當大量成長的智慧家庭流量造成網路壅塞時,可能使緊急服務的警告機制失效,或是造成某些應用服務品質低劣而不堪使用。這些問題恐阻礙智慧家庭未來的發展性。


本研究依改良後的3GPP LTE QoS Class Identifier (QCI),分類智慧家庭的服務,並考量服務的優先權及延遲程度,提出BASH演算法。透過本研究,ISP業者能依定義好的服務類別,將匯集後的智慧家庭服務流量藉由配置訊務流(traffic flow)的權重,計算出不同服務的最佳頻寬分配量,達到提升QoS及使用者QoE的目的。

為確認本論文所提出之方法的有效性,實驗設計是利用Linux伺服器架設OpenvSwitch、Ryu控制器及Mininet模擬器,建構SDN網路環境。實驗結果顯示,本研究所提出的BASH與ISP所用的傳統頻寬分配方法相比,能有效提高30%的throughput,降低159%的delay time及967%的 jitter time。
With the increasing number of IoT (Internet of Things) devices and advance of smart home technology, the network traffic of smart home is also raising rapidly. When network congestion occurs due to massive traffic, some emergent alert mechanisms might become invalid or cause some application services performance degraded. All kinds of these will dramatically hamper the future development of smart homes.

In order to resolve these problems, we propose an innovative bandwidth allocation smart home management framework for IoT enabled smart homes. The application scope of this research assumes a scenario that an ISP (Internet Service Provider) should support thousands of IoT enabled smart homes for a variety of services. The proposed bandwidth allocation framework is based on the promising software defined networking (SDN) architecture and is responsible for optimizing bandwidth allocation on external Internet traffic.

We modify the 3GPP LTE QoS Class Identifier (QCI) to adaptive to the services suitable for smart homes. The proposed bandwidth allocation smart home (BASH) algorithm considers service priority and delay at the same time. With this framework, ISP is able to optimize bandwidth allocation by aggregating thousands of classified services of smart homes and thus effectively enhance Quality of Service (QoS) and user experience (QoE).

In order to verify the proposed methods, we implement a SDN environment by using Linux Ubuntu servers with Mininet, Open vSwitch and Ryu controller. The experiment results show that BASH outperforms ISP traditional method in increasing the throughput by 30%, reducing delay and jitter by 159% and 967%, respectively.
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