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Title: 仿拍型meme的影像風格分析——以Instagram的FollowMeTo為例
A study of the image styles of meme--the case of FollowMeTo on Instagram
Authors: 鍾穎
Zhong, Ying
Contributors: 陳恭

Chen, Kung
Chen, Pai-lin

Zhong, Ying
Keywords: Instagram
Follow me to
Social media
Follow me to
Date: 2017
Issue Date: 2017-08-10 10:17:25 (UTC+8)
Abstract: Web2.0的時代來臨,「使用者創作內容(UGC)」概念開始提出。照片分享服務Instagram出現,大量照片上傳至此。因此,本研究希望探討以下三個研究問題:社群媒體上的熱門影像風格是如何建立的?社群媒體上meme是如何保持和變化的?Meme是否會有一個特定的影像風格?本研究通過資料探勘和內容分析的方法建立了一個以圖片為主的研究方法。本研究選擇了現在在Instagram上熱門的“follow me to”的背面牽手照為例來進行分析。
通過比較分析原攝影師Murad Osmann“follow me to”照片和其仿拍者的照片,得出了熱門影像有以下幾個特點:1) 與社群媒體的平台特性做結合。2) 容易模仿。3) 注重服装和影像的敘事性。4) 有充裕的經濟資本找到全球的風景作為背景。5) 有高藝術美感和技術操弄的精細度。仿拍型meme在構圖和內容的部分上有較高一致。不同之處有以下幾點:1) 在景別、內容上相似但更豐富。2) 不注重影像的敘事性表達,只呈現景色和人。3) 個人仿拍者的場景變化度小。4) 不注重攝影技巧的模仿。總之,仿拍型Meme的不穩定性強,較難形成特定的風格,但有部分仿拍者有自己的特點。
In the age of web 2.0, the concept of ‘the User Generated Content (UGC)’ is put forward. Now millions of images posted on the photo sharing service such as Instagram. We want to explore the following three questions: How is the style of hot images on the social media set up? How are memes on social media to maintain and change? Do memes have a specific image style? We performed the image-based method of data mining and content analysis to study the three research questions. We choose ‘follow me to’—the hot photos on Instagram— as an example for analysis.
Though the comparative analysis of the ‘follow me to’ photos of photographer Murad Osmann and the imitators. The hot images on social media have characteristics: 1) They combine with social media platforms’ characteristics. 2) It’s easy to imitate photo’s composition and view. 3) Pay attention to model’s clothing and image narrative. 4) Have enough fund to take pictures around world. 5) Have arts beauty and skilled photography. The photos of imitators and photographer Murad Osmann have the same composition and contents. There also have some differences: 1) Richer in shooting scale and contents. 2) Not pay attention to image narrative. 3) Not have enough fund to take pictures around world. 4) Not have enough arts beauty and skilled photography. In conclusion, compare to hot photos, most of imitators’ don’t have their own characteristics. But some imitators have some characteristics.
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