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2017-05-13 Comparing the Effects of Clustering Methods in Spectrum Chen, Lin Chih; Lee, Chiu Wei
2017-05-13 Constructing Recommender System based on Association Rules for B2B company Hsu, Chung-Chian; Wang, Hao-Cheng; Chuang, Shih-Hsiung
2017-05-13 Explaratory Study of User Motivation and Information Quality in Virtual Brand Community Cheng, Fei-Fei; Chen, Yi-Chieh
2017-05-13 Fault Dectection and Direction Identification of Photovolatic Arrays based on Machine Learning Techniques Hsu, Chung-Chian; Li, Nian-Zu; Cai, Chung-Jhih
2017-05-13 The impact of Trust in Business Facebook Fanpage and Satisfaction Liao, Hsiu-Li; Chou, Chen-Huei; Chen, Wei-Chih
2017-05-13 Improving Net Profit by Developing E-commerce Channel and Reduce Dependency on B&M Channel-Analysis of T.ONE CASE Hsieh, Ying Jiun; Huang, Yen Pu
2017-05-13 The Influence of Advertising Formats and Promotions on Customers' Responses on Facebook Cheng, Fei-Fei; Jhang, Ting-Jia
2017-05-13 The Influence of Electronic Word-of-Mouth and Source Credibility on Consumers' Attitue and Trust Cheng, Fei-Fei; Shih, Ching-Hsien
2017-05-13 Influence of Facebook fan page brand posts on online engagement and consumer-based brand equity Cheng, Fei-Fei; Liu, Pei-His
2017-05-13 Innovation and economic growth: An empirical analysis for East Asian countries and comparison with European economies Munkhbat, Khas Erdene; Ho, Bruce C.T.
2017-05-13 The Role of Self-service Technology in MICE Industry Tan, Meng-Jin; Chen, Jia-Xiang
2017-05-13 一個低成本的油耗估計系統與方法 羅啟倫; 陳志華; 官大勝; 羅坤榮
2017-05-13 一個結合穿戴式裝置的行動生理資訊物聯網 張朝旭; 温敏淦; 賴楷文
2017-05-13 中學生運用資訊科技融入數位學習對學習成就之影響 侯佳利; 邱培杰
2017-05-13 中小企業導入企業資源規劃系統之風險評量模式 吳昭儀; 黃建璋
2017-05-13 了解消費者線上購物滿意度-以關係品質為基礎 郭岳翰; 許家祥; 周斯畏
2017-05-13 人口老化研究趨勢分析 蔡旻珊; 許文錦
2017-05-13 人工智慧在 e-CRM 應用需求滿意度之研究 鍾源基; 文武
2017-05-13 以 Docker 技術進行分散式就地計算架構之設計與實作 李信賢; 周韻寰; 曾守正
2017-05-13 以 S-O-R 模型探討社群商務參與意圖 管郁君; 施惟棣; 鄭楷騰
2017-05-13 以國家創新系統觀點談雲端產業制度創新 吳政杰; 戴揚
2017-05-13 以多元觀點探討影響國中學生科技失憶之因素 應鳴雄; 王韻淇
2017-05-13 以學習者慣性設計之漢字第二語言學習雛形研究 溫敏淦; 何照清; 徐正輝; 黃梓閔; 林星霓
2017-05-13 以感測科技穿越時空之動態文化體驗 馬麗菁; 蔡仰翔; 鄧芝君; 劉凌翰; 張懿誠; 江尚恩; 鍾宜庭; 劉祐均
2017-05-13 以推敲可能性模式探討影響評論幫助性之因素 熊耿得; 梁定澎; 莊皓鈞

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