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2015-07 Background and Focuses of Buddhist Historiography in Modern China: A Historical debate on The Sutra in Forty-two Sections 彭沁沁; Peng, Qin-Qin
2015-07 Canon Made and Canon Revealed: An Interpretation of Luo Qing's 羅清Wubu liuce 五部六冊 蔡彥仁; Tsai, Yen-zen
2019-01 Devoting Filial Piety to Celestial Spirits: The Ritual Patterns of Paternity in the Prehistory of Daoist Lingbao Tradition 吳楊; Yang, Wu
2016-12 Five Thunders Ritual (Wulei fa 五雷法) of the Song, Pure Tenuity (Qing-wei dao-fa 清微道法) in the Yuan, and their Significance in Daoist History 常志靜; Reiter, Florian C.
2015-07 Incarnation (huashen 化身) and "Succession of the Way" (daotong 道統): The Unification of the Three Teachings and Issues of Ancestral Master Origin in Sectarian Religion 李豐楙; Lee, Fong-Mao
2015-07 Inheritance and Transcendence in the Context of Heaven-Human Thought in Confucian and Daoist Philosophy-A Preliminary Exploration of Hanjing Laoren’s "Natural Non-Action Heart Methods of the Grand Heavens and the Emptiness of the Great Dao" (Haotian xuwu dadao ziran wuwei xinfa 昊天虛無大道自然無為心法) 黃崇修; Huang, Chung-Hsiu
2015-12 Phoenix Hall (luantang 鸞堂) Activities of the Qiu 邱Clan in Yongjing 永靖under Japanese Rule: A Study of the Xishou Hall 錫壽堂and the Xinghua Hall 醒化堂 王志宇; Wang, Chih-yu
2015-12 Religious Diversity and Contemporary Societies: Toward New Perspectives in Religious Studies 澤井義次; Yoshitsugu, Sawai
2018-01 Ritual Change in a Taoist Tradition: The Development of the Jiao in Northern Taiwan 孟逸夫; Menheere, Yves
2015-12 Saving Inner Nature (xing 性) and Vital Force (ming 命) and the Dual Cultivation of Sacred and Secular (sheng fan shuangxing 聖凡雙修): Yiguan Dao's Concept of Entering the World as Self-Cultivation 鍾雲鶯; Chung, Yun-Ying
2015-12 Two Subjects of Research on The Journey to the West (Xiyouji 西遊記) 許蔚; Xu, Wei
2019-01 三壇五部:閩中瑜珈法教主神神譜的形成及相關問題 謝聰輝; Hsieh, Tsung-hui
2013-11 主觀的客觀研究或是客觀的主觀研究? Barker, Eileen
2016-12 做道和做覡:閩西上杭一帶的道教傳統 巫能昌; Wu, Neng-chang
2013-05 傳授與教材:《清靈真人裴君傳》中的五靈法 張超然; Chang, Chaojan
2013-11 台灣宗教如何是混融性宗教?根據「台灣地區宗教經驗調查(REST2009)」探討類型建構與研究方法 蔡彥仁; Tsai, Yen-zen
2013-11 台灣宗教如何是混融性宗教?根據「台灣地區宗教經驗調查(REST2009)」探討類型建構與研究方法 蔡怡佳; Tsai, Yi-jia
2016-06 唐宋玄靈法「璇璣玄一停輪」、「太玄三一」之道試探-《北斗經》之版本、源流、經旨及宗派歸屬問題新思考 蕭進銘; Hsiao, Chin-ming
2014-05 國內一貫道學位論文的綜合回顧 劉怡君; Liu, I-Chun
2018-01 在地化的女性宗教空間與性別實踐-新加坡、馬來西亞先天道齋堂的案例考察 蘇芸若; Ruo, Show Ying
2014-05 地方的雷法與《道法會元》:以《洞玄玉樞雷霆大法》為中心 酒井規史; Norifumi, Sakai
2016-06 坤道應運:一貫道的女性觀 沈曄瀅; Shen, Yeh-ying
2016-06 大里杙福興宮二媽軟身神像研究-歷史、物性與主體性 李建緯; Lee, Chian-wei
2013-11 妥協與合作:一貫道老前人張培成參與道教總會的經驗-以道總1966-1983年間理監事會議紀錄為主的考察 李豐楙; Lee, Fong-Mao
2014-05 宋代考召法的基本構成 松本浩一; Koichi, Matsumoto

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