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2015-12 Introduction: Jaroslav Prusek on Chinese Culture 陳國球; Chan, Kwok-Kou
2015-12 Introduction: New Youth and the Multiple Dimensions of the Conceptual Change in Modern China 潘光哲; Pan, Kwang-Che
2014-06 Introduction: Spatiality, Temporality, (and) Secularity 鄒振環; Zou, Zhen-Huan
2013-12 Introduction: "Urban, Memory and Imagination" 楊揚; Yang, Yang
2013-06 "Jizhe" (Journalist) in Modern China: A Critical Survey of the Evolution of Its Titles and Profession 溫楨文; Wen, Zhen-Wen
2014-12 Kang You-Wei and the Reuse of "Shehui" 承紅磊; Cheng, Hong-Lei
2012-06 Korean Conceptual History and Modern Paradigm 李坰丘; Lee, Kyung-Ku
2012-06 Korean Conceptual History: Its Present Conditions and Future Prospects 李幸勳; Lee, Haeng-Hoon
2011-12 Late Qing Woman Writers' New Concept of Marriage: Using Nuyu Hua, Jiemei Hua and Xiayi Jiaren as Examples Huang), 黃錦珠(Jin-Zhu; Huang, Jin-Zhu
2017-06 Lin Shu's Navy Complex-A Discourse on Lin's Translation of Nami-Ko 夏曉虹; Xia, Xiaohong
2013-06 Linguistic Turn and Social History: An Introduction to Reinhart Koselleck and "Begriffsgeschichte" 陳建守; Chen, Chien-Shou
2015-12 "Literature and Society──Proceedings of the First Conference on 'One Hundred Year Reflection of the New Culture Movement'" 汪楊; Wang, Yang
2013-06 Liu E and His Novel: "Lao can you ji" 普實克; Jaroslav, Průsek; 羅仕龍; Lo, Shih-Lung
2014-06 Living Space and Human Landscape of Gentry and Citizen in Jiangnan Delta during Qing Dynasty 馮賢亮; Feng, Xian-Liang
2015-12 Looking for all false cures when being truly ill-Proceedings of the Second Conference on 'One Hundred Year Reflection of the New Culture Movement'" 白彤東; Bai, Tong-Dong
2017-06 Mobility and Transformation: Qing and East Asian Modernity 呂文翠; Lu, Wen-tsuei
2017-12 Mobility and Transformation: Travels of Texts in Multi-dimensional Contexts 顏健富; Guan, Kean-fung
2012-06 Modern 陳碩文; Chen, Shuo-Win
2012-12 The Modernizing Process of the Circulation of Literary Conception: A Study on the Entry &quot;Literature&quot; in the 19^(th) and Early 20^(th) Century English-Chinese Dictionaries 蔡祝青; Tsai, Chu-Ching
2015-12 New Youth’s Worldview: Qu Qiubai and Dialectical Materialism 簡金生; Jian, Jin-Sheng
2012-12 A Note on &quot;Sharawadgi&quot; 張沅長; Chang, Yuen-Zang; 楊尹瑄; Yang, Yin-Hsuan
2013-12 A Novel of History: The Historical Consciousness and Narrating "Strategy of Old Tales Retold" 劉柏正; Liu, Bo-Zheng
2015-12 Observing the Evolution of Worldview through Digital Humanities: A Comparative Study of Two Leishu 項潔; Jieh, Hsiang; 陳麗華; Chen), Li-Hua; 杜協昌; Tu, Hsieh-Chang; 鍾嘉軒
2013-12 "Old Articles, New Translations" Introduction 藤井倫明; Fujii, Michiaki
2012-06 On Decontextualization and Recontextualization in East Asian Cultural Interactions: Some Methodological Reflections 黃俊傑; Huang, Chun-Chieh

Showing items 76-100 of 166. (7 Page(s) Totally)
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