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2011-12 On the Historical World as Concealed in Keywords 金觀濤; Jin, Guan-Tao; 劉青峰; Liu, Qin-Feng
2015-12 The Origin and Evolution of the Concept of Mixin (Superstition): A Review of May Fourth Scientific Views 黃克武; Huang, Max K. W.
2014-12 Original Physics 楊儒賓; Yang, Rur-Bin
2014-06 The Origins of Early Modern Keywords: Conserve, Progress, Evolve, Degenerate, Regress 沈國威; Shan, Guo-Wei
2013-06 The Origins of Early Modern Keywords: Tradition, Early Modern and Modern Age 沈國威; Shen, Guo-Wei
2013-12 Patrolling the Southern Lands: The Dissemination and Evolution of the Patrolling Rites of Southeast Asia (A Case Study of a 2012 Sending the Royal Vessel Rites) 李豐楙; Lee, Fong-Mao
2015-12 Proceedings of the Fifth Conference on "One Hundred Year Reflection of the New Culture Movement: 'Personhood: Concept and Freedom.'" 趙沈允; Chao, Anne S.
2015-12 Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on "One Hundred Year Reflection of the New Culture Movement: 'Chinese New Thoughts: History and Method.'" 趙沈允; Chao, Anne S.
2014-06 The Production and Consumption of Urban Space-The Shaping of Jing'an District and the Shifting of Its image (1843-1949) 張曉虹; Zhang, Xiao-Hong; 孫濤; Sun, Tao
2013-12 The Purpose of Research on Sinology 狩野直喜; Kano, Naoki; 陳威瑨; Chen, Wei-Chin
2012-12 The &quot;National Language&quot; and the Sino-graph/Sino-writing in Korea during the Period of Enlightenment and Civilization-An Entangled Relationship 三ツ井崇; Mitsui, Takashi; 李欣潔; Li, Hsin-Chieh
2014-12 The Reconstruction of Our Way to Culture Identity: A Book Review of Huang Chun-chieh's The Exchange of Thought in East Asia: Focusing on China, Japan and Taiwan 楊際開; Yang, Ji-Kai
2014-12 Remembering and Forgetting the Korean War in Taiwan 藍適齊; Lan, Shi-Chi
2012-06 A Report on &quot;The International Conference on the Conceptual Change and Identity Making in Modern East Asia&quot; and &quot;The Workshop for Chinese Identity and the Formation of Modern State&quot; 潘少瑜; Pan, Shaw-Yu; 鍾欣志; Chung, Joscha
2015-12 Representation and Practice: the Discourse of "Enlightenment" in the Journal New Youth 陳建守; Chen, Chien-Shou
2017-06 The Representation of Splendor of Ci History - An Enquiry into Du-Hai Ci-Poet Jiang Jiesheng's (1903-1983) A Glimpse of Side Stories of Penglai 林佳蓉; Lin, Jia-rong
2012-12 Research on the Etymology of Yeman (野蠻) 沈國威; Shen, Guo-Wei
2012-06 Research on the Investigation of Word Origins and Modern Keywords 沈國威; Shen, Guo-Wei
2012-12 Research Trends in the Conceptual History of Gukeo (國語) in Korea 李秉騏; Lee, Byeong-Gi
2015-12 A Riview for "The International Conference on Oriental Culture: May Fourth Spiritual Development and Changes and Cross-Cultural Studies in the East Asia" 黃錦珠; Huang, Jin-Chu
2013-12 Russia's Yellow Peril 劉蕭翔; Liou, Shiau-Shyang
2011-12 The Saddle Period and the History of Concepts-with a Discussion on Concepts from East Asia's Transitional Period 方維規; Fang, Wei-Gui
2017-06 Seeing Forests and Trees: A Preliminary Exploration of the Research Methodology in the Study of Late Qing Translations 李歐梵; Lee, Leo Ou-Fan
2017-12 Semiotic Syncretism and Internal Colonization: Re-visiting Neo-Confucianism's Epistemic Structure of "Tian-Ren-He-Yi" and "Creative Transformation" 劉紀蕙; Liu, Joyce Chi-hui
2017-12 Shakespearean Retellings and the Question of the Common Reader: Tales from Shakespeare and Yinbian Yanyu 孫宓; Sun, Emily

Showing items 101-125 of 166. (7 Page(s) Totally)
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