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Title: 三個世代英語教育政策下的台灣英語學習者
Authors: 招靜琪
Contributors: 英國語文學系
Keywords: 世代差異、EFL英語學習者、個案研究、敘事資料
generational differences, EFL learners, case study, narrative data
Date: 2014
Issue Date: 2018-05-30 17:28:36 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 1949年國民政府來台,國家開啟了新的發展史。英語教育政策經歷了多重改革,培育了三個世代近50年的EFL英語學習者。台灣英語學習者的個別樣貌多元,但一般社會言論多強調整體國民的學習困境而非成功經驗,研究方面多以量化方式勾勒,重整體模式而輕忽個別差異,至今尚無系統化深入的質性研究。例如在這個以中文為主要溝通語言的國家裡,不同世代的學習者如何在正式英語教育體制與非正式的社會價值觀之間尋求個人成長的空間,把自己發展成一個成功的英語學習者? 如何發揮自主動能? 如何嚐盡甘甜苦辣亦或是一路順遂地獲得成功的果實? 英語與這些EFL學習者之自主動能及其生命經驗如何互動? 國際文獻中以敘事研究EFL經驗的漸有累積,但也缺乏針對一個國家並以跨教育政策世代的方式,研究EFL學習者之整體經驗面貌,並將英語學習連結至其生命經驗的探究。文獻中對EFL學習者的經驗內涵之認知確有補強的空間。這個兩年期計劃目標在蒐集入學於三個不同年代 (1960-70s, 1980-90s, and 2000s) 成功英語學習者的經驗與故事,對象包括英語教師/教授、英語教學研究生、與大學英文系學生。遵循敘事研究法,分析不同世代的教育政策與社會氛圍之下,這些成功學習者的生活經驗、英文學習、與自主動能,各是以何種方式呈現與互動。這個研究計劃具有鑑往開來的意義,並可以針對語言學習者相關之不同主題進行持續性研究,有機會對英語教育政策與理論之建樹提供重要啟示。且不只對台灣,對其他EFL國家都有參考之價值。更能藉台灣這個EFL國家跨年代英語學習者的經驗,與國際學術社群進行深入的對話。
Designed along the lines of a well-established literature: second language self, agency, and identity, this study is concerned with different generations of Taiwanese English learners’ life experiences in relation to English learning -- How learners under different English education policies and social atmospheres actually experience different English learning and how their experiences with English are related to their agency. Narrative and interview data were collected from learners who were born in the 1950s-1960s and the 1990s, respectively. Thematic analysis of four participants’ narratives reveals that the participants’ experiences generally support van Lier’s three features of language learner agency. However, the first generation’s agentive activities targeted mostly on raising scores, while the third on proving to their parents that they could learn the language on their own terms. The first generation had more issues with their teachers, while the third generation, their parents; the conflicts with teachers and parents, respectively, led to their agentive activities. The analysis also reveals an important aspect of EFL learning that may have been overlooked: That the beginning EFL learners may have the fundamental problem of understanding what exactly a language or learning a language is all about. Suggestions were provided based on the results.
Relation: 執行起迄:2014/08/01~2017/01/31
Data Type: report
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