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Title: The Study of Positive Pygmalion Condition, Coworker's Working Attitude and the Soldier's Prejudice Change
Authors: 熊師瑤
Hsiung, Shih-Yao
Cheng, Shu-Hua
Ma, Yu-Wen
Contributors: 教育博二
Keywords: 正向畢馬龍情境;合作者工作態度;偏見
Positive Pygmalion condition;partner's working attitude;prejudice
Date: 2015-12
Issue Date: 2018-06-15 15:51:35 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 綜整過往研究,研究者認為可從正向畢馬龍情境與合作者工作態度探討影響軍中成員問偏見改變因素,本研究目的如後:1.暸解義務役士兵與志願役士兵想法與成受;2.探討正向畢馬龍情境下義務役與志願役士兵偏見是否產生變化;3.探討正向畢馬龍情境下義務役與志願役士兵偏見是否因對方役別工作態度而變化。本研究對象設定為基層連隊士兵,採準實驗法設計,利用「國軍弟兄營區生活調查問卷」前測分數高低將士兵分自己至六個實驗情境中,藉營造正向畢馬龍情境及操弄受試士兵合作者的工作態度方式進行實驗,並以「國軍弟兄營區生活調查問卷」後測成績做為分析偏見改變之測量依據。結果如後:1.整體受試士兵在認知層面偏見後測分數顯著降低於前測分數,但情成層面偏見程度卻增加;2.義務役士兵對志願役士兵偏見程度,較志願役士兵對義務役士兵偏見程度高;3.正向畢馬龍情境減少受試士兵偏見程度;4.在正向華馬龍情境下,合作者工作態度與偏見增加或減少其關聯性;5.受試士兵認知層面的偏見轉變與情成層面偏見轉變方向不一致。
Prejudice is everywhere in our life. There is no exception in the military. The researcher thought that positive Pygmalion condition and the partner's positive working attitude might reduce the prejudice among soldiers. Therefore, in order to analyze the question above, the researcher used a questionnaire to understand the volunteer soldiers' and the conscript soldiers' thoughts about each other; explored whether the volunteer soldiers and the conscript soldiers could change their prejudice or not under the positive Pygmalion condition and analyzed whether the volunteer soldiers and the conscript soldiers would change their prejudice because of their partner's work attitude under the positive Pygmalion condition. The subjects were 173 soldiers at basic level companies. The researcher used “quasi-experimental designs” and assigned subjects to one of six situations based on their pretest scores. The result showed: 1. Most of the soldiers reduced their cognitive prejudice, but increased negative emotions after treatment. 2. The conscript soldiers' prejudice regarding the volunteer soldiers were higher than the volunteer soldiers' prejudice regarding the conscript soldiers. 3. Positive Pygmalion condition could decrease the soldiers' prejudice regarding each other. 4. Under positive Pygmalion condition, the partner's working attitude could decrease or increase the soldiers' prejudice. 5. In general, the changing direction of the soldiers' cognitive prejudice and affective prejudice was different.
Relation: 復興崗學報 Fu Hsing Kang Academic Journal, No.107, pp.83-122
Data Type: article
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