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Title: 中-泰合作之開展 : 以人口走私網絡及維吾爾族非法移民
The Unfolding Collaboration Between China and Thailand: The Case of People Smuggling Networks in Thailand on Uyghur Migrants
Authors: 潘安鵬
Sitthiwong, Akkapong
Contributors: 胡力中
Hu, Li-Chung
Akkapong Sitthiwong
Keywords: 維吾爾族移民
Uyghur migrants
People smuggling networks
Date: 2018
Issue Date: 2018-08-02 16:35:12 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 西元2014年是泰國人第一次從媒體上聽到「維吾爾族」這四個字。這群從新疆維吾爾族自治區來的穆斯林少數民族非法移民來到泰國。在警察確認他們確實為中國公民之後,泰國與中國政府的合作便開始。這份論文想深入研究維族人移出中國的動機,以及為何東南亞會成為其移民路線? 牽涉其中的掮客角色為何? 最後分析泰國如何就此議題與中國合作。
In the year of 2014 is the first time that Thais have heard the word Uyghur from the media. The Muslim minority from Xinjiang Autonomous region came to Thailand as illegal migrants. After the police has confirmed that they are Chinese citizen the cooperation between Thailand and China has begun. This thesis aims to find out why do Uyghurs need to migrate from China? and why does Southeast Asia become a route of migration? Moreover, to study the role of facilitators, people smuggling networks in the region and analyzing how Thailand corporates with China on the issue is also the aim of this thesis
Finally, the study founded that Uyghurs come to Southeast Asia after the people uprising in 2009 due to the tighten border control between Xinjiang and Central Asia, Southeast Asia becomes another route for migration to Turkey where the diaspora community exists. Thailand is the country where the people smuggling networks provide services to migrant labors. Uyghurs become the new customer of the networks. Consequently, Thailand cooperates with China on the issue by repatriating Uyghurs back to China and strengthening the security cooperation regarded to prevent and precaution terrorism and illegal migrants.
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