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Title: 以區塊鏈智能合約技術實作網路小額借貸平台
Design and Implementation of a Peer-To-Peer Lending System based on Smart Contracts
Authors: 黃世峰
Huang, Shih-Feng
Contributors: 陳恭
Chen, Kung
Huang, Shih-Feng
Keywords: 區塊鏈
Peer-to-Peer lending
Smart contract
Date: 2018
Issue Date: 2019-02-12 16:00:03 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 金融科技 (Financial technology,也稱為FinTech) ,是指企業運用科技手段使得金融服務變得更有效率,因而形成的一種經濟產業。金融業務經過 600 年來長久的發展,但不是所有的人都能順利地得到金融服務,還是有一部分的資金需求者無法取得金融服務;這時透過網路借貸平台 Peer-To-Peer Lending 正好可以補齊這方面的需求,因此從 2005 年來網路借貸平台在世界各地蓬勃發展,不過網路借貸平台因為集中式管理的問題,容易發生監守自盜的問題,造成平台倒閉。

2008 年中本聰發表了比特幣,2014 年 Vitalik Buterin 創立了以太坊,他們底層所使用的區塊鏈可以提供去中心化的網路架構、智能合約提供履約保證等功能,正巧可以補足網路借貸平台目前遇到的問題。本研究利用以太坊區塊鏈及智能合約實作網路借貸平台,探討區塊鏈應用程式的相關問題。
Financial technology (also known as FinTech) refers to an economic industry in which enterprises use technology to make financial services more efficient. The financial business has developed for a long time in the past 600 years, but not all people can get financial services smoothly, or some of the capital needs can not get financial services; at this time, Peer-To-Peer Lending can be completed through the online lending platform. In this regard, the Internet lending platform has flourished around the world since 2005. However, due to the problem of centralized management, online lending platforms are prone to self-stealing and cause the platform to close down.

In 2008, Nakamoto deployed bitcoin's original reference implementation. In 2014, Vitalik Buterin founded Ethereum. The blockchain used by the bottom layer can provide a decentralized network architecture, smart contracts to provide perform guarantees, etc., which can complement the network. The problems currently encountered by the lending platform. This study uses the Ethereum blockchain and smart contract implementation Peer-toPeer lending platform to explore issues related to blockchain applications.
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