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Title: 《管子》定靜思維對周敦頤定靜工夫之可能影響-透過朱丹溪三重鬱說思維結構之嘗試性解讀
Possible Influence of The Guanzi's Dingjing Thought upon Zhou Dun-Yi’s Dingjing Skill- Trial Interpretation by Thought and Structure of Zhu Dan-Xi's Triad Melancholy Theory
Authors: 黃崇修
HUANG, Chung-Hsiu
Contributors: 政治大學哲學學報
Keywords: 定靜;周敦頤;管子;內靜外敬;中正仁義
Dingjing;Zhou Dun-Yi;The Guanzi;inner tranquility and outer respect;moderation;benevolence and justice
Date: 2018-01
Issue Date: 2019-04-02
Abstract: 本文透過徐復觀、張亨、唐君毅等諸位先生之說法,發現到《管子》文本內容的確對於後世養生及工夫實踐具有關鍵性之實際影響,尤其對於周敦頤《太極圖說》:「聖人定之以中正仁義而主靜」之定靜工夫內容,我們似乎也可以在《管子》中找到一點蛛絲馬跡。鑑此,筆者借用了近幾年來的研究成果,嘗試性地以儒醫朱丹溪之三重鬱說思維結構,試圖在其鬱說理論的觀照中,經由他對《太極圖說》定靜工夫之援用而看到《太極圖說》與《管子》定靜思維的內在連結。筆者首先就朱丹溪援用《太極圖說》中正仁義定止工夫之事實,在針對朱丹溪「中正以治思」「仁以治憂」「義以治怒」之思維邏輯以連結上《管子.內業》對憂、怒、思問題所建構的定靜思維,繼而在《管子》其他文本中找到其與周敦頤中正、仁、義相關之論述言說以證成兩者在定止工夫上之親和性。除此之外,筆者進一步分析兩者對「神」概念之特殊看法,從而在朱丹溪「內觀養神」概念之透視下,連結《管子》:「去欲而靜」與《太極圖說》:「無欲故靜」論述邏輯的密切關係。最後筆者針對《管子》:「內靜外敬」之實踐價值作了初步分析,藉此以接引出下階段研究《太極圖說》:「內靜外敬」實踐邏輯之重要命題。
Based on arguments of Fu-Guan Xu, Heng Zhang and Jun-Yi Tang, the study found that the content of The Guanzi has critical and realistic influence upon the health and skill practice of later generations, especially upon the Dingjing skill in Zhou Dun-Yi's Annotations to Taijitu which goes, "A saint settles himself in moderation, benevolence and justice." It seems that we can find a few tiny hints in The Guanzi. In view of this, the author borrowed research results over the recent years and found the internal linkage of the Dingjing thought in Annotations to Taijitu and The Guanzi by trying to reflect upon the melancholy theory of scholar-physician Zhu Dan-Xi who quoted the Dingjing skill from Annotations to Taijitu with the thought and structure of his Triad Melancholy Theory. The author first stated the fact that Zhu Dan-Xi quoted the skill of moderation, benevolence, justice and samadhi from Annotations to Taijitu. Next, she connected the Dingjing thought constructed from the issues of melancholy, anger and thoughtfulness in The Guanzi: Inner Training with Zhu Dan-Xi's thought and logic of "correcting thoughtfulness with moderation," "treating melancholy with benevolence," and "managing anger with justice." She then found discourses related to Zhou Dun-Yi's moderation, benevolence and justice in other text of The Guanzi to prove that both were compatible in the samadhi skill. Moreover, the author further analyzed their distinctive opinions about the concept of "spirit" to link the close relation of discourse logic of "removing desires for settlement" in The Guanzi and "settling without desires" in Annotations to Taijitu by looking at Zhu Dan-Xi's "nourishing spirit with internal contemplation." Last but not the least, the author made preliminary analysis of the practice value of "inner tranquility and outer respect" in The Guanzi to introduce her next research into the important thesis of practice logic of "inner tranquility and outer respect" in Annotations to Taijitu.
Relation: 政治大學哲學學報, 39, pp.71-124
Data Type: article
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