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Title: 黨報與大眾報紙廣告經營「收入裂口」現象之探析
An Analyze of Divergent Development in Advertising Market Shares among Party and Mass Newspapers
Authors: 陳懷林
Chen, Huailin
Guo, Zhongshi
Contributors: 新聞學研究
Keywords: 黨報;大眾報紙;報業廣告;辦報取向;廣告市場成熟度;傳媒經營制度
party newspapers;mass appeal newspapers;newspaper advertising;editorial orientation;advertising market maturity;media management system
Date: 1998-07
Issue Date: 2019-06-25
Abstract: 黨報與大眾報紙廣告經營的「收入裂口」現象,即兩類報紙廣告收入之差距不斷擴大,是1990年代中國大陸傳媒業出現的一個備受關注的趨向。本文以不同地區、不同類型的報紙十年來廣告經營的大量數據說明「收入裂口」現象普遍存在於中國,它具有出現時間、跨越地區的一致性,變動幅度的一致性,以及不同報紙在「收入裂口」中位置的一致性。作者論證了辦報取向雖然是廣告經營成效的決定因素之一,但並不能充分解釋「收入裂口」現象。作者進一步提出廣告市場成熟度、辦報取向和傳媒制度共同影響報紙廣告經營的「政經綜合」模式,並以數據和事實進行了論證。分析表明,廣告市場成熟度的三個指標,人均廣告額占GDP的比例、廣告內容構成和廣告客戶行為在1990年代初的變化改變了大眾報紙和黨報占有廣告資源的份額和機會,削弱了黨報的傳統優勢;同一時期傳媒經營制度的「鬆綁」擴大了報紙經營自主權,緩解了傳媒資源供不應求的狀況,消除了大眾報紙廣告經營發展的瓶頸。分析結果還預示,隨著傳媒廣告市場進一步成熟,傳媒經營自主權的進一步放開,黨報與大眾報紙廣告收入的差距會進一步擴大。中國報業呈現政經分離化發展的趨向。
China's communist party newspapers began to rapidly lose their dominance in advertising market share to mass appeal newspapers in the 1990s. Based on massive data, this article provides evidence showing that the observed "divergent development" in mainland China's print media industries has several prominent characteristics: commonality across regions and cosistency in timing, scale of change, and newspaper poistions. The authors argue that although editorial orientation is one of the key determinants of success in advertising management, it does not provide a sufficient account for the divergence. Results of analysis show that advertising market maturity, editorial orientation, and the media system have a joint impact on the "ideological-economic" mode of newspaper management. We found that shifts in the three indicators of advertising market maturity--ration of percapita advertising volume in GDP, advertising content composition, and advetising client behavior--weakened party newspaper's traditional dominance over resources opportunities in the advertising market. At the same time, loosened central control over media led to expansion in newspapers' management autonomy, alleviation of resource shortage, and elimination of the bottleneck for mass appeal newspapers.
Relation: 新聞學研究, 57, 5-26
Data Type: article
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