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Title: 《我的戒斷日誌》
The Quit Porn Diary of Mine
Authors: 郭鈞涵
Kuo, Chun-Han
Contributors: 郭力昕
Kuo, Chun-Han
Keywords: 成癮
Date: 2019
Issue Date: 2019-07-01 10:38:58 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 《我的戒斷日誌》紀錄的是關於我,郭鈞涵回顧個人濫用色情的習慣後,決心投入戒斷,在紀錄/戒斷的行動當中實踐反思的歷程。過程中不僅反思自己與色情之間的關係,甚至在不斷的挖掘和關注生活之下,逐漸感知到藏匿在色情濫用背後的真正原因,也是為日漸放棄、厭惡自我的狀態中尋求自我拯救的機會,重新取得認同來突破自我的困境。
The Film<The Quit Porn Diary Of Mine> is about me, Kuo Chun-Han, who rethought the hobby of pornography, at last deciding to quit porn. The course not only reflected on the relationship between me and pornography, but also focused on daily life, and finally noticed the reason why I’m obsessed with porn. The purpose of this work is to find any chance for self-help, and regain self-recognition to breakthrough my adversity.
  Though the final work is presented as the documentary, the reflexivity happen through all the project like the active journey of self-exploration. Therefore, it doesn’t end with the presence of this work, in this project, I’m still reorganizing, and exploring my real life.
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