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2018-01 An Acquisition Pattern on the Past Tense '-eott-' of L2 Korean Learners -- Based on co-occurrence with Time Adverbials- 金寶英; Kim, Boyeong
2018-01 Analysis of Word Formation Errors Based on Korean Learners' Corpus Hansaem, Kim
2018-01 Chinese Classical Literature Translation Phenomena and Adaptation of the Picture Books in Taiwan - "Journe To The West' as and Example 張以儒; Chang, I-Ju
2018-01 Collection and Appreciation of Grotesque Rocks in Joseon Dynasty 申正秀; Shin, Jeongsoo
2018-01 The Compilation and its Impact of <<內訓>> in the Early 14th of Joseon Dynasty 李珉景; Lee, Min Kyung
2018-01 Discussion the History Through the Official and Private Records -- Focus on <<朝鮮王朝實錄>>、<<東國輿地勝覽>>及<<慵齋叢話>> 姜彰圭; Kang, Chang Kyu
2018-01 The Education of Concessive Conective Endings of Chinese Korean Leaners 王清棟; Wang, Ching-Tung
2018-01 Experimental Phonetic Study on Monopthong of university students in Taiwan 鄭性勳; Jung, Sung Hoon
2018-01 Exploratory Research of KFL/KSL Teacher's Vocational Ethics -- From professional Ethics Perspectives 尹璟源; Yoon, Kyeongwon
2018-01 Korean Language Education Using Medias 趙英美; Cho, Youngmi
2018-01 The Linguistic Concepts in [Daehanmunjeon] 吳忠信; Wu, Zhong Xin
2018-01 The Manchurian Characteristics Under The China Mission Records of The 17th and 18th Century 吳政緯; Wu, Cheng-Wei
2018-01 On The 'Realization' Meaning of Modal Expressions in Korea 朴鎮浩; Park, Jin-ho
2018-01 The Present and Future of Traning the Korean Study Specialists in Japan 生越直樹; Naoki, OGOSHI
2018-01 The Present and Future of Traning the Korean Study Specialists in Taiwan 朴柄善; Park, Byung-Sun
2018-01 Present State and Issues of Korean Pronunication Education 權卿根; Kwon, Kyung-Keun
2018-01 A Study for Appearance Rate of Chinese Characters of Education in Elementary School in Taiwan and Korea 陳柏均; Chen, Bo Jun
2018-01 A Study on the Changes of Conceptions and Changes in Thooughts of Wealthy in the Late Joseon Dynasty 全頌喜; Jeon, Song Hui
2018-01 A Study on the Korean particle Errors of Chinese Korean Learners 姜炫和; Kang, Hyoun Hwa; 韓松花; Han, Song Hoa
2018-01 The Study on the Learning Errors of the Chinese Learners While Learning Sino-Korean Words 李京保; Lee, Kyong-Bo
2018-01 A Study on the Usage of Polysemous Modal Expressions 申瑞仁; Shin, Seoin
2018-01 Taiwan High School <<論語>> Education 翁靖雯; Weng, Ching-wen
2018-01 Taiwan High School Classic Chinese Language Education 賴怡璇; Lai, I-Xuan
2018-01 Understanding of Korean Culture Using the Research Methodology of Chinese Character Culture 楊沅錫; Yang, Won Seok

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