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2010-09 Linked Blood Relationship, Joined Chip Industry-The Evolution of Global Production Networks and the Chip Industry Cooperation between Mainland and Taiwan 靳文志; Jin, Wen-Zhi; 胖華; Pang, Hua; 劉新穎; Liu, Xin-Ying
2013-09 The Locus of Relations across the Taiwan Straits 劉德海; Liou, To-Hai
2019-03 Mutual Investment between South Korea and Mainland China: Saemangeum Industrial Complex as an Example 郭玫君; Kuo, Meichun
2009-08 Negotiating Asymmetry: Canada's Experience in the NAFTA Negotiations and Beyond 曼格爾, 馬克.; Manger, Mark
2017-12 New Trends of Global Value Chains and China's Innovation Capacity 曾智華; Zeng, Douglas Zhihua
2020-03 The nexus between khat/miraa-trafficking and al-shabab's Terrorist activities in Kenya and its implications 肯林; Ondieki, Kennedy G.
2014-12 On some Political Aspects of Free Trade Agreements: Hungary and the FTAs 范德; Vandor, Janos
2006-12 On the Development of Free Trade Agreements Regime of the United States 鄧中堅; Teng, Chung-Chian
2008-08 On the Third Party of WTO Arbitration 胡加祥; Hu, Jia-Xiang; 韓璐; Han, Lu
2010-03 The Opportunities and Challenges of the Trade of Iron Ore between China and Australia 許梅戀; Xu, Mei-Lian; 林麗清; Lin, Li-Qing
2010-09 The Origin of Subprime Crisis and Its Proliferation Mechanism, Trends and Implications 尹忠明; Yin, Zhong-Ming; 付竹; Fu, Zhu
2020-03 Political Economy of Asia: A case of China in 2019 Hong Kong Incident 金泰完; Kim, Taewan
2008-08 A Positive Analysis on the Corporation of Trade and Investment across the Taiwan Straits against the FTA Background 張二震; Ma), Ye-Qing; 馬野青; Zhang, Er-Zhen; 蔣麗莉; Jiang, Li-Li
2010-03 The Possibility of Cross-Straits Cooperation in the Economic Relations with Australia 舒萍; Shu, Ping
2014-12 The Proposed Non-MFN Plurilateral Trade in Services Agreement: Another Act of WTO Implosion 伯斯沃司; Bosworth, Malcolm
2009-12 Prospects of Korea-MERCOSUR FTA Negotiations: Implications from MERCOSUR's Structure and Past Negotiations 金元鎬; Kim, Won-Ho
2007-08 Recent Foreign Direct Investment (and Portfolio Investment) in Taiwan and Canada 傅冶天; Fu, Ted Yee-Tien
2009-12 Reforming the WTO's Approach to Decision-making: The Warwick Commission Report and Critical Mass Decision-Making' 卡普琳, 安.; Capling, Ann
2014-12 Regional Economic Development in Korea: Implications for Experiences-Sharing 金元鎬; Kim, Won-Ho
2009-12 Rescuing the Doha Development Round Role of India and China in Multilateral Trade Governance 卡瑪卡爾, 蘇帕娜.; Karmakar, Suparna
2007-08 Reverse Engineering Trade Policy: The Evolution of Japan's Trade Oolicy after 1995 史艾力克司; Stephens, Alex
2006-08 The Rise of China and Its Implications for Korean Economy 李章揆; Lee, Chang-Kyu; 李麟求; Lee, Inkoo
2014-12 Sino-South Korea Free Trade Agreement and its Economic Implications for Northeast Asia 劉德海; Liou, To-Hai
2006-08 South Korea's Approach to FTAs 劉德海; Liou, To-Hai
2021-03 South Korea's Foreign Policy Towards Poland 張珊珊; Chang, Samantha

Showing items 76-100 of 129. (6 Page(s) Totally)
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