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2016-09 South Korea's Strategy to Nurturing Soft Power: K-POP as an Example 葉寶玉; Yeh, Pao-Yu
2010-09 South Korea-ASEAN Economic Relations in the 21st Century 劉德海; Liou, To-Hai
2017-12 South Korea-Vietnam Economic Relations under President Park Geun-hye 劉德海; Liou, To-hai
2005-06 SPS Measures and the Export of Primary Products Protection and Protectionism 安德森; Anderson, Gordon
2020-03 The Start-up Environment in Kenya 馮睿恩; Eising, Florian
2011-06 Status Quo Energy Stability: The Benefits of Maintaining Hub and Spoke System to Japan, China and Northeast Asia 林大偉; Lim, Tai-Wei
2013-09 Strengthening Developing Country Coalitions in WTO Negotiations: Is IBSAC (India, Brazil, South Africa, China) the Right Forum? 查卡拉鮑迪, 德巴喜斯.; Chakraborty, Debashis; 班那吉, 普瑞坦.; Banerjee, Pritam; 聖古普塔; Sengupta, Dipankar
2005-06 The Study of the Impact of Taiwan's WTO Accession on Its Sporting Industries 成之約; Lin, Kuo-Jung; 林國榮; Chou, Hsu-Hua; 周旭華; Cheng, Chih-Yu; 徐世勳; Hsu, Shih-Hsun
2017-12 A Study on Foxconn's Investment in India 過子庸; Kuo, Tzu-Yung; 李文怡; Lee, Wen-Yi
2008-12 Sustaining Global Trade Liberalization: China's G8 Opportunity 柯爾頓; Kirton, Professor John
2005-06 Taiwan's Approach to FTA 洪財隆; Hong, Honigmann
2005-03 Taiwan's Approach to WTO 楊光華; Yang, Connie Guang-Hwa
2005-03 Taiwan's TWO Membership 魏特曲; Wittich, Guy
2014-09 Terrorism as Communication: An Intercultural Communication Approach to the World's Biggest Political Threat 查克曼, 大衛.; Zuckerman, S. D.
2007-12 Towards an Increasing Collaboration at WTO Negotiating Forums: The Case of China and India 畢斯瓦基特納; Nag, Biswajit; 查卡拉鮑迪, 德巴喜斯.; Chakraborty, Debashis
2010-03 The Trade Policy of the Rudd Government and Its Implications for Northeast Asia Leaver), 李察.利佛爾(Richard; Leaver, Richard
2011-09 The Trajectory of the Indo-ASEAN Trade: FTA and Beyond 聖古普塔; Chakraborty, Debashis; 查卡拉鮑迪, 德巴喜斯.; Banerjee, Pritam; 班那吉, 普瑞坦.; Sengupta, Dipankar
2019-03 Trumpism, Sino-US Trade War and its Implications for Global Economy 劉德海; Liou, To-hai
2005-03 The World Trade Organization and Challenges to the Global Trading System 威瑪克; Williams, Marc
2008-08 WTO and China's Capital Market Development 傅冶天; Fu, Yee-Tien (Ted)
2005-03 WTO Architecture and Implications for Taiwan's Foreign Trade 江啓臣; Chiang, Johnny Chi-Chen
2005-03 WTO View of the Netherlands' Trade and Industry 歐德斯鴻; Oudshoorn, Drs C.
2013-09 WTO's Multi-layered Control on Trade Retaliation 劉筱萌; Liu, Xiao-Mong
2009-12 Yunnan's Trade in Agricultural Products with Southeast Asia: A Test Case for the China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement 周觀琪; Zhou, Guan-Qi; 史密斯, 馬克斯.; Smith, Max; 安德森, 克特.; Andressen, Curtis
2020-03 不確定時代韓國對外經貿的挑戰與文在寅政府的因應對策 劉德海; Liou, To-hai

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