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Title: AIESEC於2017年捷克的難民危機之角色
The role of AIESEC in the 2017 refugee crisis in the Czech Republic
Authors: 任恆洋
Fischer, Jan
Contributors: 盧業中
Lu, Yeh-Chung
Jan Fischer
Keywords: AIESEC
Czech Republic
Refugee crisis
Date: 2019
Issue Date: 2019-08-07 17:06:42 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 2017年,歐洲情勢因為難民問題而陷入混亂,同時使得非政府組織在一個充滿敵意的環境,難以促進多元文化和包容。這個狀況在捷克共和國也同時上演著。當地的極右派崛起,同時利用難民危機增加支持率,並讓民眾對伊斯蘭教產生恐懼。AIESEC是世界上最大的學生非政府組織,在126個國家地區中展開業務。AIESEC在捷克共和國組織了一個名為EDISON計劃,該計劃宗旨為促進寬容、多元文化、相互尊重及跨文化理解。EDISON計劃將世界各國的自願者帶至捷克學校,介紹其國家及文化。但此計畫和AIESEC被指控將捷克伊斯蘭化,因傳播並宣傳伊斯蘭教使得年輕的捷克學生無法正確地判斷好與壞。本研究試圖檢證,在捷克當地目前的情勢下,AIESEC是否仍能成功地促進多元文化與包容。為了測試這一點,本研究收集各國自願者的人數及其原國籍,並對現任及前任AIESEC職員進行了4次訪談,且以問卷調查方式,蒐集了來自AIESEC計劃的捷克學生所提供的答案。結果表示,AIESEC確實成功地促進寬容。AIESEC緩解當前局勢的成效雖然有限,但AIESEC的宗旨希望能達成長期的目標,也就是使年輕世代有機會創造更好的未來。就此而言,AIESEC在面臨難民危機時仍提倡多元文化與包容的觀點值得肯定。
The current situation in Europe is messy due to the current refugee crisis – year 2017 is set as an example. This creates a hostile environment for NGOs that try to promote multiculturalism and tolerance. The situation in the Czech Republic is no difference. The popularity of populist right-wing parties is rising, and these parties use the refugee crisis to their advantage and build their support on fear of Islam. AIESEC is the world’s biggest student non-governmental organization that operates in 126 different countries and territories. AIESEC in the Czech Republic organizes a project called EDISON, which promotes tolerance, multiculturalism, mutual respect and cross-cultural understanding. EDISON brings volunteers from abroad that go to Czech schools and present about their country and culture. This project and AIESEC were accused of Islamization of the Czech Republic, spreading Islamist propaganda and suppressing the sound judgement of young Czech students. The hypothesis is: Despite the current situation and mood, AIESEC is successful in promoting tolerance. To test this, data about the number of foreign volunteers and their country of origin is collected, 4 interviews with former/current AIESEC officials are conducted and a survey in form of a questionnaire asking Czech students that participated in AIESEC project, which provides 781 answers. Results suggest that AIESEC is indeed successful in promoting tolerance. The level up to which AIESEC mitigates the current situation is limited, as it strives for long-term achievements and does not have the capacity to achieve this alone.
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