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Title: 以區塊鏈與智能合約實作外匯交易及擔保品支付系統
Implementing Foreign Exchange Trading and Collateral Payment using Blockchain and Smart Contracts
Authors: 黃韋琪
Huang, Wei-Chi
Contributors: 陳恭
Chen, Kung
Huang, Wei-Chi
Keywords: 區塊鏈
Hyperledger Fabric
Foreign Exchange
Collateral Payment II 政 h 治 立 大 學 國 ‧ ‧ N y t a i s t r i o e v n i n a U i
Date: 2019
Issue Date: 2019-08-07 17:08:22 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 因目前外匯結算不利於即時取得交易比對確認結果,且保證金存在增提追繳 的爭議與風險。本研究以外匯交易、交易市價評估 (Marked to Market,MTM) 計算、擔保品計算以及擔保品支付等模組化架構,透過 Hyperledger Fabric 分散式賬本實作「外匯交易及擔保品支付系統」,解決交易結算時間、保證金徵提爭議等缺點,並提升保證交易合法性與安全性,降低風險。
Nowadays, the traditional ways of foreign exchange settlement jeopardize the speed of acquiring the result of comparison of transaction. In addition, traditional foreign exchange settlements need to withdrawal security deposit also occurring the debate of recovering of security deposit. Therefore, this thesis combined existing foreign exchange trading module, trading MTM computing module and collateral calculation module with Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology to reconstruct the 「Foreign exchange trading and collateral payment system」to solve the disadvantages of traditional foreign exchange settlement.
In this thesis, distributed ledger data base was used to manage foreign exchange trading and collateral payment. Also, by utilizing smart contract advantage which blockchain technology brings, transition delay and cross-time-zone settlement time can be reduced significantly. In addition, by using the high security monitoring management which block chain technology brings, financial regulators can get the market trend in a real-time manner. Last but not least, by analyzing the data which transactions bring, the legitimacy and security can be secured and help the financial market developing stably.
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