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Title: Sino-Cambodian Relations - Does Sovereignty or Obedience Prevail While Cambodia Relies on China’s Largess?
主權在握或是俯首稱臣? 從近期發生的五個事件分析中柬關係
Authors: 林玉茹
Lin, Yu-Lu
Contributors: 薛健吾
Hsueh, Chien-Wu
Lin, Yu-Lu
Keywords: 中柬關係
Sino-Cambodian relations
client state
puppet state
Date: 2019
Issue Date: 2019-09-05 17:31:38 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 中柬關係在政治圈裡受到不少矚目。在當前亞太地區,柬埔寨王國無疑是中國非常要好的政治盟友。由於大部分的看法都傾向將中國附庸國的標籤貼在柬埔寨身上,導致本論文的提問乍看之下,答案似乎不證自明、不言而喻,但筆者想進一步探究這個問題的答案,並且發現,柬埔寨表面上看來對中國這個泱泱大國言聽計從,然而事實並非如此。過去那個歷史悠久、絢麗燦爛之高棉帝國精神尚未死去,現在的柬埔寨王國仍然頂天立地,以自己國家為榮。此論文分析五個事例,包含兩個柬埔寨聽從中國的例子,例如遣返維吾爾族、華為的5G網絡,以及三個柬埔寨未屈服中國的例子,如柬首相府爭議、非法野生動物交易、遣送中國詐騙集團,希望能夠打破固有觀念,因為柬埔寨自主性相當高,並不會任人擺布,也不願意做中國的傀儡國家。
Sino-Cambodian relations have attracted much attention in the political arena. The Kingdom of Cambodia is no doubt China’s very close ally in the Asia Pacific region. While the research question proposed in this paper seems to have a self-evident answer because most people tend to label Cambodia as a Chinese client state, I aim to look deeper into this question and I discover the fact that as compliant as Cambodia seems, it does not listen to China in every way. The spirit of the ancient and magnificent Khmer Empire never dies that the kingdom is still standing tall and proud. I present here five case studies, including two cases of compliance (Cambodia's deportation of Uighurs, Huawei’s 5G network) and three cases of non-compliance (Prime Minister’s Office controversy, illegal wildlife trade, Chinese VoIP scammers) in the hope of dispelling the myth and making it clear that Cambodia is its own boss and it does not always do as China says.
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