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Title: 非政府組織作為美國國家安全戰略的機制:非政府組織參與尼加拉瓜的未遂政權變革
Non-Governmental Organizations As Mechanisms for the National Security Strategy of the United States: Participation of NGOs in the Attempted Regime Change in Nicaragua
Authors: 雷南
Serrano, Renan Guevara
Contributors: 吳考甯
Courtney Work
Renan Guevara Serrano
Keywords: 非政府組織
international aid
United States
Latin America
Date: 2020
Issue Date: 2020-09-02 13:12:47 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 在國際合作領域,隨著時間的推移,非政府組織的作用日益重要。就美國而言,非政府組織是確保國家安全的工具。為了試圖在2018年改變尼加拉瓜的政權,由美國資助的非政府組織開展的活動有助於建立一個框架,通過該框架,美國有理由參與衝突。這項研究分析了國際援助方法的演變以及美國確保其在拉丁美洲的國家安全計劃的策略。結果表明,國際援助是旨在維持既定現狀的一系列政治指導方針。在本文分析的具體案例中,美國向符合美國目標的團體提供了援助,同時合法化了使用暴力和強制性經濟措施的使用,並授權了為實現懷特設定的目標而必要的危害人類罪屋。通過根據當代事件分析歷史數據,本白皮書將顯示國際社會認為通過其機制和框架可以將尼加拉瓜2018年抗議活動的破壞和暴力視為必要和有益的。
In the sphere of international cooperation, non-governmental organizations have, over time, taken an increasingly important role. In the case of the United States, non-governmental organizations are tools to ensure national security. In the attempt to change the regime in Nicaragua in 2018, the activities carried out by the NGOs funded by the United States contributed towards the creation of a framework through which the involvement of the United States in the conflict would be justified. This study analyzes the evolution of International Aid approaches and the United States’ strategies to ensure its national security plan in Latin America. The results show that international aid is a set of political guidelines aimed at maintaining a given status quo. In the specific case analyzed in the paper, the United States provided aid to groups aligning with American goals, while legitimizing the use of violence and coercive economic measures and authorizing to commit crimes against humanity when these were necessary to meet the goals set by the White House. By analyzing historical data in light of contemporary events, this paper will show the mechanisms and frameworks through which the destruction and violence of the 2018 protests in Nicaragua could be perceived as necessary and beneficial by the international community.
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