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Title: 英文電影片名漢譯的生態翻譯學解讀-一項基於小型語料庫的描寫性研究
Interpretation on Translation of English Film Titles from the Perspective of Eco-translatology-A descriptive study based on mini-corpus
Authors: 韓淑芹
Han, Shu-qin
Contributors: 廣譯
Keywords: 英文電影片名 ; 生態翻譯 ; 小型語料庫 ; 描寫性研究 
 English film titles ; Eco-translatology ; Mini-corpus ; Descriptive studies
Date: 2017-09
Issue Date: 2020-10-08 11:54:08 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 電影片名兼具商業性、藝術性和文化性,對翻譯構成了一定的挑戰。而大陸、香港、臺灣在翻譯英文電影片名時各有側重、各顯神通,形成各具特色的譯法,這些片名譯名也成為眾多觀眾熱議的焦點:究竟哪種譯本更勝一籌?然而,英文片名的漢譯受到譯語語言、譯語文化、譯語觀眾的審美心理、譯語影片市場等多種因素的影響。一方面兩岸三地同根同源的語言和文化使得譯文具有相似性,另一方面兩岸三地後期形成的差異化的政治、經濟、語言、文化特性又使得其譯文具有本土化的典型特徵。因此對兩岸三地片名的翻譯不應是規定性研究,而應當是描寫性研究,關注譯文文本,側重翻譯過程。本文首先建立英文影片名及其兩岸三地漢譯片名的小型雙語平行語料庫,採用統計的方法總結歸納英文電影片名的語言特徵及文化特徵。繼而分析生態翻譯學從翻譯階段到翻譯策略對英文電影片名漢譯的適用性,從翻譯群落、多元共生、汰弱留強角度分析英文影片名漢譯在大陸、香港、臺灣兩岸三地既具相似性又有差異化的翻譯生態。最後借助兩岸三地的翻譯實例從語言維的適應性選擇轉換、文化維的適應性選擇轉換和交際維的適應性選擇轉換三個維度闡釋英文片名漢譯的生態翻譯策略,以期對影片名翻譯提供相關的借鑒和指導。
Film titles, which are characterized with commerciality, artistry and cultural features, pose challenges to their translation. Their translation versions in Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hongkong boast of unique attributes owing to different emphasis and diverse tactics. As a result, those translations are in the spotlight of attention from film audience, who frequently raise the question: which version prevails? However, the translation of English film titles is affected by multiple factors including language, culture, aesthetic psychology and film market of the target language. On the one hand, the language and culture of the Mainland, Taiwan and Hongkong are of the same origin, which results in the similarity in translation. On the other hand, their subsequent disparities in terms of politics, economics, language and culture may lead to translation with respectively unique localized features. Therefore, the research on film titles translation across the Straits should be descriptive instead of prescriptive, which is expected to give priority to the translation process and the target texts. For this purpose, the comprehensive and dynamic Eco-translatology may offer a research paradigm. This paper, based on a parallel mini-corpus of English film titles and their respective translations of Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hongkong, summarizes the linguistic and cultural characteristics of English film title via statistical method. Then it analyzes the applicability of Eco-translatology to translation of film titles and expounds the similar yet discrepant translation ecology in the above-mentioned areas in terms of translation community, para-symbiosis and preservation of the strongest. Finally, it analyzes the translation strategy of adoptive selection from the linguistic, cultural and communicative dimensions. Hopefully, this paper is expected to shed insight into and offer guidance to translation of film titles.
Relation: 廣譯:語言、文學、與文化翻譯, 15, 1-18
Data Type: article
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