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Title: 文論、樂府詩與賦得體-六朝「文章辭賦化」的三個側面
Literary Theory, Yuefu Poetry, and the "Fude" Style: Three Perspectives on the "Cifu Hua" Phenomenon in the Six Dynasties
Authors: 祁立峰
Chi, Li-feng
Contributors: 政大中文學報
Keywords: 文章辭賦化 ; 新變 ; 樂府 ; 賦得 ; 宮體 
cifu hua ; shifting literary tastes ; yuefu poetry ; fude ; palace style poetry
Date: 2020-06
Issue Date: 2020-10-12 09:55:27 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 「文章辭賦化」這個概念出自王夢鷗《傳統文學論衡》,他認為一般人愛奇新變的心理,加上貴遊文學家的倡導,導致六朝文章趨於雕飾繁複,原本運用在辭賦的風格,逐漸氾濫到了一般的文體,此即為「辭賦化」。其後研究者亦從「詩的賦化」、「詩賦合流」等概念作為切入點,觀察六朝文學與文類的獨特現象。本文嘗試重探此一論題,但將討論面聚焦於三個剖面─文論、樂府以及「賦得之作」。首先是文學主張中追求「新變」的心理與意義;其次是民歌樂府中的意象、典故與素材,對於梁陳宮體詩提供的養分;其三則是六朝有一類以「賦得」為題材的作品,他們對過去的經典進行續衍,同時又用了「賦」的複誦鋪排之本義。本文的三個側重點或許只是偏例舉隅,但所謂「辭賦化」原本只是一個大而化約的觀察,透過以上幾例,希望可以更細膩、也更精確地釐清「文章辭賦化」這樣的概念,也能更聚焦「賦」這樣的文類在中國文學史中展現的關鍵意義。
The concept of "cifu hua" originated from Wang Mengou's book-Commentaries on Traditional Literature. He coined the term to describe the phenomenon of other literary genres taking on the characteristics of the cifu genre. This phenomenon resulted from the ever-changing tastes of the general public, combined with the proliferation of the guiyou literary style. The phenomenon caused the style of writing to become elaborate and complex in general during the six dynasties. Later on, other researchers also observed the unique development of literature and literary genres during the six dynasties by analyzing literary trends including "poetry taking on the characteristics of fu" (shi de fu hua) and "convergence of poetry and fu" (shi fu heliu). In this article, the writer reexamines the "cifu hua" concept by focusing on three aspects: literary theory, Yuefu poetry, and the "fude" style. First, it discusses the psychology and meaning behind the shifting public tastes towards literature. The second aspect is about the imageries, allusions, and material used in the Yuefu poetry, which influenced the palace style (gongti) poetry in the Liang and Chen dynasties. Third, there is a category of "fude" poetry in the six dynasties, which means excerpting a line from a poem as the title of a new poem. This category of poetry carries on the poetic tradition while applying the complexity and elaborate style of fu. The three perspectives covered in this article only illustrates certain aspects of the "cifu hua" concept. However, observations made on this concept thus far have been broad yet sketchy. Through discussing the three points, this article intends to clarify "cifu hua" in a more accurate and precise manner, so as to demonstrate the significance of fu in Chinese literature.
Relation: 政大中文學報, 33, 49-75
Data Type: article
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