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Title: 俄羅斯嘻哈及其社會意涵之研究
A Study on Russian Hip-Hop and Its Social Implications
Authors: 江廷安
Jiang, Ting-An
Contributors: 林永芳
Lin, Yung-Fang
Jiang, Ting-An
Keywords: 嘻哈
Russian Hip-Hop Culture
Hip-Hop Music
Aesthetic Sociology
Social Implications
Date: 2020
Issue Date: 2020-11-03 11:30:03 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 此篇論文旨在探究嘻哈(Hip-Hop)的起源、俄羅斯嘻哈文化在各個時期的發展情況, 以及俄羅斯嘻哈音樂與時代背景連結的社會意涵。

嘻哈這個結合多個族群、不同理念的次文化,深刻影響著人們的生活態度 ,如今隨著全球化趨勢傳播至世界各地。嘻哈具有多種表達形式,音樂、舞蹈、視覺藝術等等,它是人民向政府、社會、世界發聲的一種媒介,在藝術社會學中不容忽視的次文化藝術。

而嘻哈文化在俄羅斯境內,相較於其他國家,因為政治背景、社會發展迥 異,使得俄羅斯的嘻哈文化擁有相當強烈和獨特的風格。解析俄羅斯的在地嘻哈文化有助於了解俄國在不同時期的社會現象,尤其在俄羅斯饒舌歌曲之中的歌詞,充滿許多對社會現況的反思與隱喻。本研究就以歌詞為文本分析範例,進一步釐清現實社會情形。
This thesis aims to explore the Hip-Hop origin, localized Russian Hip-Hop culture and the the social implications of Russian Hip-Hop music in different periods.

Hip-Hop is a subculture that combines multiple ethnic groups and different concepts, and has profound influence on people’s attitude to life. Nowadays it’s spreading across the world in the context of globalization. Hip-Hop is a culture with various forms of expression, music, dance, visual art, and etc. It voices the standpoints for the people, speaks to the government, society, even the whole world, and cannot be underestimated in the aesthetic sociology.

Compared to other countries, with the unique political background and social development in Russia, Russian Hip-Hop culture has a very distinct and peculiar style. Analyzing the localized Hip-Hop culture in Russia helps to understand the social status of Russia in different periods. The research applied textual analysis (Hip-Hop songs) as major research methods to better examine and interpret the reflections and metaphors on the current state of society.
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